Is this the world's most expensive (and annoying) 16GB Flash drive?


July 21, 2009

The assembled Mnemosyne

The assembled Mnemosyne

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If there’s one thing you could expect to rely on when it comes to Flash memory it’s that as capacities increase over time, prices decrease. It’s a rule that has been borne out over the years and its continuation has been a source of comfort that everything is right with the world. Now Japan’s Solid Alliance has thrown our world askew with the release of the Mnemosyne, a 16GB flash drive that is yours for the paltry sum of one million yen (approx. USD$10,000.)

Named after the Greek Goddess of memory the Mnemosyne is designed by Milan-based Italian Design Studio Toshi Satoji Design. It is hand-crafted from a solid block of aluminum which is buffed to a mirror finish... so you can see what a rich idiot looks like.

But for your money you not only get a Flash drive, you also get a puzzle in the form of a 3-inch cube that surrounds the drive. To get to the drive you need to disassemble to six-part cube to get to the memory goodness inside. That probably won’t be too difficult, but it’s the putting back together again that is likely to be the source of some consternation - although if you can afford this you can probably afford a personal puzzle solver to deal with such diversions.

Since each Mnemosyne is made to order you’ll want to get in touch with Solid Alliance ASAP to ensure 16GB is still a decent amount of memory by the time you receive the device and free the Flash drive within.

Via: InventorSpot.

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