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MMT's Monitor2Go adds a 15.6-inch display to mobile devices


January 11, 2012

MMT's Monitor2Go is a 15.6-inch HD monitor, that mirrors the screen content of an attached mobile device

MMT's Monitor2Go is a 15.6-inch HD monitor, that mirrors the screen content of an attached mobile device

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It's now possible to use a smartphone or tablet for just about anything that would be traditionally done using a desktop or laptop computer. There is still one disadvantage to doing your computing on a mobile device, however - the small screen. Massachusetts-based Mobile Monitor Technologies (MMT) is attempting to address that shortcoming, with its Monitor2Go. The 15.6-inch HD LCD backlit screen mirrors the displays of all mobile Apple devices, along with those of Macs, PCs and HDMI-compatible smartphones and tablets, plus it can also be used as a lockable protective case for the iPad2.

The Monitor2Go has a resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels, weighs less than three pounds (1.36 kg), and is one inch (25 mm) thick. It also has an aluminum body, and can pivot and rotate 180 degrees on its base. If the linked device is connected via the monitor's HDMI input, it will also receive audio content from that device, which can be heard by plugging speakers or headphones into the monitor's audio-out jack.

MMT suggests that the Monitor2Go could be used for things such as watching movies, sharing content with groups of people (such as during presentations), or simply as a larger, easy-to-see workspace. If hooked up to a notebook or PC, it can also serve as an extension to the computer's primary screen - as opposed to just a mirror.

Additionally, as many as six of the monitors can be daisy-chained together, should you want to ... do something that involves six screens.

The Monitor2Go was officially introduced this week at CES in Las Vegas. It should be commercially available as of early Q2 of this year, and can already be pre-ordered for under US$300 via the MMT website.

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I\'m curious about the \"mirroring\" the display of an iPad (or iPhone). I thought that concept was dead and buried, along with the Palm PDAs where I first saw it, over a decade ago. My understanding was that Apple prohibited mirroring ... sure, there are some apps that can voluntarily send output to a VGA adapter, but that\'s about it. Did something change at Apple?

Stan Sieler

Does it work with the Samsung Epic 4G?

For some dumb reason Sprint had Samsung disable composite video out the headphone jack (like the rest of the Galaxy S phones) on the Epic 4G but I\'ve read that it should have HDMI out the USB port.

Gregg Eshelman
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