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Race-ready Mitsubishi i-Miev to take on Pikes Peak


May 18, 2012

Mitsubishi i-MiEV Evolution has been specially developed for the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

Mitsubishi i-MiEV Evolution has been specially developed for the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

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Mitsubishi Motors has today announced that it is to enter two electric cars into this year's Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, taking place this July. In addition to the electric production i-MiEV taking part, Mitsubishi is entering its i-MiEV Evolution, a prototype developed from i-MiEV technology, purpose built for the Pikes Peak event. And compared to the production model it's a wee beastie.

Developed with assistance from electrical component and battery manufacturers such as Meidensha and GS Yuasa, the i-MiEV Evolution has, according to Mitsubishi, been built for "superior durability and reliability." But a look at the specs suggests that the Evolution has really been built for power.

Instead of the i-MiEV's single 490-kW motor, the Evolution boasts three 80-kW motors for a maximum output of 240 kW. The drive battery is 35 kWh to the production i-MiEV's 16. Oh, and the Evolution is four-wheel drive whereas the standard i-MiEV includes a rear-wheel drivetrain.

Reducing the i-MiEV from a four-seater to a one-man racer, the Evolution has a larger footprint and reduced height for a lower center of gravity. At 1.34 m (52.7 in) high it stands 0.28 m (10.9 in) lower than the production i-MiEV.

The regular i-MiEV set to climb Pikes Peak will also be modified, with roll bars and other safety features added, as well as a more aerodynamic front bumper.

The Evolution will be driven by Mitsubishi's own rally driver and race team manager Hiroshi Masuoka, who achieved back to back Dakar wins in 2002 and 2003. The production i-MiEV will be driven by American off-road racer Beccy Gordon.

Obviously Mitsubishi will be hoping for success in the Pikes Peak electric class, but with the i-MiEV's US availability set to expand from the west coast to nationwide in June, there's perhaps an extra commercial incentive to succeed.

Source: Mitsubishi

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No matter how well it does it is not a sign that electric cars are even minimally practical.


Spoilsport! Anyway, what sports car is practical?


Then why are you reading about them, Slowburn? Read some more and you'll change your mind if it's open. I would, however, be surprised if the normal iMiev had a 490kW motor...

Chris Coffey

It's fun to watch you gas addicts get nervous watching the electric car evolve. Look inside yourself and ask whats eating you because I don't get it. I like the future, it's better because... it's better, that's all there is to it.

The Hoff

re; The Hoff

Nervous? Only that vastly overpriced and under performing pieces of junk will be mandated on us, and we won't be able to buy and/or drive practical cars any more.


Electric cars just transfer the energy they use to another source. We have to use all energy efficiently whether it's from fossil fuel processed into gas or fossil fuel that makes electricity. Still need to deal with the total carbon footprint.

DanMar Dinsmore

This one should whip a--!! 240kw of flat torque from 0 to 12krpm at it's weight I'd guess 1,000lbs if going to take one bad ICE to beat it.

I drive my Harley size EV trike for $2/wk for fuel, battery, tag, etc. My 2 seat EV sportwagon costs just $4/wk. How much does your car burn slowburn? I know if I was paying thsat much I'd be burning too. But instead I'm laughing all the way to the bank.


I love he concept of electric cars. The execution . . . not so much! I have followed the development since I started reading Mother Earth News in the 70's. The same problems still plague us today that they did then. Battery technology is always "a few years away" and although battery technology is much better than thirty years ago, it is too $$$$$$$$$$$$$ to be practical. Research the REASONS why batterys are so exspensive--you will find the exotic materials that make them still far exceed the cost of gasoline. I will buy an electric car when I can drive one night or day two hundred miles, and do so for less money than driving a gas powered car (and the cost of the car and batterypack has to give me the same cost/life expectancy that the electric one does.) I gotta side with slowburn on this one!

PicklePop Flyer

Come on, Slowburn, your political paranoia is showing or do you get paid to be a “denier” by the oil industry? It’s time to get over it. Nobody is going to take your precious internal combustion engine away from you. You can still roar around, pistons pumping away and letting everyone know what a real man you are, even after the younger crowd are quietly whizzing around in their “i-cars” while you old mad-men harrumph and moan. They still ride horses, don’t they?


This is all great, and there's place for electric cars, but I still want my EVO! C'mon Mitz!


All the whining and complaining will stop when 50% of houses have sufficient solar power to off-set the cost of charging their vehicles. Net annual cost - less than zero.


Pikes peak was rooned when it was turned from a dirt road to a sealed highway.

Mr Stiffy

re; fleming

It is not paranoia that I can no longer buy the light bulbs that pleasantly illuminate my room without giving me a migraine.

re; Mr Stiffy

Obviously the only interest you have in Pikes Peak is the race. The effects the paving has had on the environment has been an overall good.

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