minibru makes single-serving French press coffee, in the mug


November 22, 2012

The minibru Coffee Mug

The minibru Coffee Mug

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If you want to make French press coffee, you have to either go with a whole pot, or use a filter-equipped travel mug like the Commuter Java Press or the Impress ... right? Well, not anymore. The minibru Coffee Mug lets you make a single serving of French press, right in the mug itself.

To use it, you start by filling the 12-ounce (359-ml) glass mug up to the lower fill line, with ground beans of your choice. You then add hot water to the upper fill line, then wait two or three minutes while the coffee steeps. Finally, you slide in the plastic filter cylinder, and gently push it down. A silicone gasket around the bottom edge of that cylinder meets against the inside of the mug, to keep the grounds from escaping up its sides.

Then, you drink the coffee.

The glass mug is dishwasher-safe, while the cylinder and gasket need to be hand-washed. It’s available now at ThinkGeek for US$24.99, and can be seen in use in the video below.

Source: ThinkGeek via Uncrate

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This isn't new. I had an insulated mug with built-in coffee press for years, from about 2000 until I sadly left it in the communal kitchen when I changed jobs in 2007. It wasn't stylish but the coffee was certainly good, and because the mug was insulated and had a lid it stayed hot for a long time.

Jenny Adamson

We have 4 of these we use most days since about 2000. They are great, but not at all new. From a plastics kitchen ware shop in Salisbury, UK. Not Gizmag material, but a good product.


hey, I like the first post! where did you get/can I get an insulated built in coffee press mug?

Blue Lucero
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