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Mimo Mini 710 USB Monitor - extra screen space on the go


July 6, 2009

The portable Mimo Mini USB Monitor offers additional portable screen space
 (Picture: Thin...

The portable Mimo Mini USB Monitor offers additional portable screen space (Picture: ThinkGeek)

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Although today’s portable computers boast ever more impressive capabilities, one thing that isn’t getting any bigger is screen size. With the amount of programs vying for space on laptop and netbook monitors, a little extra workspace-to-go could be welcomed by many a user. Enter the Mimo Mini USB Monitor – and as the name suggests, all it requires to run is a USB port.

The pivoting Mimo Mini is a low maintenance solution for some extra screen space on the go, and offers convenience by not requiring a separate power outlet like traditional monitors. The 7” high resolution 800 x 480 pixel display can be used for any number of programs, from a users IM client, to spreadsheets, email or video. Adding to the functionality of the units, they can be used in either landscape or portrait mode.

Featuring a built in video card, the units weigh in at a light 1.3 pounds. In terms of portability it's designed to fit in most netbook or notebook cases. Price wise, a little extra screen space will set you back about USD$130.

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Warning: Check OS support before buying. Some of these things are Windows only. No Linux, which is deeply odd for a product that claims to be suitable for netbook users.


7th July, 2009 @ 01:01 am PDT
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