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MiLi Pro v2.0 pico projector gets a nip and tuck


November 3, 2011

Apart from shedding some bulk, the MiLi Pro v2.0 is largely identical to its predecessor

Apart from shedding some bulk, the MiLi Pro v2.0 is largely identical to its predecessor

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Maybe feeling that their original MiLi Pro pico projector wasn't quite pico enough, MiLi has put the device under the surgeon's knife and produced an updated model that has shed a few millimeters around the waist appropriately titled the MiLi Pro v2.0. Although it packs the same Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) LED projector producing 10 lumens and 640 x 480 pixel resolution found in its predecessor, the fan has been ditched, resulting in a unit that the company claims is almost 50 percent slimmer than the original and "perfectly silent."

Despite coming in at around the thickness of two iPhone 4's, the new MiLi Pro v2.0 also sees the addition of a bigger battery that provides nearly 2.5 hours of viewing pleasure. In addition to the ability to project images of 5 to 70-inches in size (although 40 inches is the optimal size), the device also functions as an iPhone charger and docking station. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod, and can also project content from other devices via it's A/V and VGA inputs.

The MiLi Pro v2.0's retail price is US$499, but it is currently available through Amazon for $393.

Via PicoProjector-info.com

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