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Milhous Collection auction racks up US$38.3 million in sales


February 26, 2012

The Milhous Collection auction has been completed with 100 percent of all lots sold

The Milhous Collection auction has been completed with 100 percent of all lots sold

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The final hammer has come down on the Milhous Collection auction we previewed last week. The two-day event resulted in 100 percent of all lots being sold for a total of US$38.3 million. The item to fetch the highest price was a 1912 Oldsmobile Limited Five-Touring, which set a world record auction price for an Oldsmobile at $3.3 million.

Conducted by RM Auctions in association with Sotheby's on February 24/25 in Boca Raton, Florida, the auction attracted bidders from 18 countries looking to snap up an item from the range of rare mechanical musical instruments, automobiles and collectibles on offer

The top ten most expensive items sold were:

  • 1912 Oldsmobile Limited Five-Passenger Touring: $3,300,000

  • 1903 Ruth Style 38-B Fair Organ: $1,265,000
  • 1933 Chrysler Custom Imperial Five-Passenger Phaeton: $1,210,000
  • 1998 46-Foot Custom Carousel With 42 Animals, 2 Chariots and Wurlitzer 153 Band Organ: $1,207,500
  • Gaudin 125-Key Dance Organ: $1,150,000
  • 1913 Welte Wotan Brass Band Orchestrion: $1,092,500
  • 1934 Cadillac Sixteen Custom Roadster: $1,001,000
  • 1939 Lagonda V-12 Rapide Sports Roadster: $990,000
  • 1930 Duesenberg Model J Convertible Sedan: $990,000
  • 1937 Cadillac Sixteen Custom Phaeton: $962,500
  • Source: RM Auctions

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    I'd take any of those redhot 30s cars..... they are wonderful along with the Hispano Suiza. It is a great shame that modern cars lack the style of these classics.

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