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Miele announces "world's only" solar-powered dryer


September 4, 2013

The T 8881 S EcoComfort is billed as the "world's only" solar-powered dryer (Photo: Miele)

The T 8881 S EcoComfort is billed as the "world's only" solar-powered dryer (Photo: Miele)

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German domestic appliances manufacturer Miele has taken to IFA's stage and unveiled what the company cites as the "world's only" solar-powered tumble dryer, the T 8881 S EcoComfort.

Miele's announcement notwithstanding, the T 8881 S EcoComfort isn't actually powered by the sun alone, as it also relies on some mains electricity. However, the tumble dryer's reduction of power consumption by a reported 80 percent, requiring only 0.05 kilowatt-hours per cycle, is impressive indeed, and enough to grant it an A+++ energy efficiency rating – the highest European Union energy label possible.

Essentially, the system appears to function in a way comparable to the kind of solar-powered heating systems occasionally used in low-energy homes like the Slip House. During sunny months, it uses a rooftop-based solar-thermal array, which produces hot water fed into a storage tank. This tank integrates into a heat exchanger which transfers the hot water into hot air to dry the clothes.

When the weather turns colder, the T 8881 S EcoComfort can rely on either geo-thermal heat, or an as-yet-unspecified bio-mass system to heat the water in the storage tank.

Miele says that the T 8881 S EcoComfort's general performance should be comparable to standard dryers. We're no word on price yet, but the company reckons the dryer could pay for itself within just over 7 years of use.

Source: Miele

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"world's only" solar-powered dryer - what about the good ol' clothesline?

"world's only" solar-powered tumble dryer - well that's different.

Ele Truk

Add an ammonia absorption engine as the prime mover shipping the waste cold off to the refrigerator (or air conditioning) and they will really be onto something good.


Yup, when I was a kid many eons ago my mother used the solar powered clothesline and the wind did the tumbling. I still remember how good that basket of clothes smelled when you brought them in the house.

Mr E
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