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Microsoft announces Wedge Mobile Keyboard and Mouse


July 30, 2012

The Wedge Mobile Keyboard, featuring a dual-purpose cover/folding stand

The Wedge Mobile Keyboard, featuring a dual-purpose cover/folding stand

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Microsoft has announced a set of new peripherals for its upcoming tablet-friendly Windows 8 OS. The Wedge Mobile Keyboard features a minimalist design, slim form factor and full-sized keyset, while the Wedge Touch Mouse is the smallest and lightest pointer that the company has ever produced.

The new keyboard features a folding cover which not only protects the keyboard and turns it off when in place, but also doubles as a kickstand for any Windows tablet. The device is equipped with a full sized keyset, Windows 8-specific hot keys and connects via Bluetooth. The mouse exhibits a small, wedge-like form factor (hence the name) and is designed to recognize vertical and horizontal scrolling gestures. It also includes the company's BlueTrack laser technology which reportedly improves tracking across any surface.

The Wedge Touch Mouse has a touch panel on its slanted front face

Microsoft's in-house Surface tablets come equipped with the company's own Type Covers. Available in touch or physical key varieties, the covers provide laptop-like functionality to the devices.

The Wedge Mobile Keyboard and Wedge Touch Mouse provide tablets manufactured by Microsoft's numerous hardware partners with similar functionality to the Surface. When both peripherals are connected, a desktop PC-like form factor is achieved. This is likely to make other Windows tablets a more attractive prospect to consumers, while placating Microsoft's hardware partners who expressed a sense of alienation following the announcement of the Surface tablets.

Both devices will be available in “the coming weeks and months” with the Wedge Mobile Keyboard retailing at an estimated US$79.95 and the Wedge Touch Mouse coming in at $69.95.

Source: Microsoft

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Well, this solves the big problem with tablets -- no keyboard -- yup!


looks nice..

Robert Silagadze

With those bundled parts, you might as well purchase a MacBook Air and have it all together as one unit....small & lightweight.

Marco Corona

Marco Corona said: "With those bundled parts, you might as well purchase a MacBook Air and have it all together as one unit....small & lightweight."

Your remark denotes complete cluelessness as to what consumers want/need. With your logic, why would anyone buy a iPad when you could just buy a MacBook Air?

I want/need a tablet about 80% of the time but every once in a while need a keyboard and mouse with it. I don't think I would buy that fugly wedge mouse but the keyboard looks very nice and just what I am looking for.

Rann Xeroxx
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