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Mercedes Benz releases new truck navigation system


March 25, 2009

Mercedes Benz truck navigation system

Mercedes Benz truck navigation system

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March 25, 2009 Mercedes Benz has just released its new truck navigation system available on the Atego, Axor and Actros models. The system has maps available for 26 European countries, with a choice of 15 European languages for voice instructions. It takes into account the specific requirements of commercial vehicles (e.g. by providing information on weight restrictions, limited overhead and width clearances, special routes into town centers, etc.) and provides guidance to drivers in unfamiliar surroundings via arrow navigation on the instrument cluster and via arrow and/or map navigation on the 6.5" monitor. The dynamic route guidance courtesy of TMC (the Traffic Message Channel) enables traffic jams and problems to be bypassed, thereby potentially saving time.

There are many factors in favor of an integrated truck navigation system - they offer quick and easy orientation, providing navigation specifically to meet the needs of commercial vehicles. Garmin recently entered the market with the release of the Garmin nüvi® 465T.

Before the start of the journey, information about the vehicle is entered that is important for navigating the scheduled trip: width, height, length, maximum permissible weight, permissible axle load, hazardous goods. Three different routes can be calculated: the fastest, the shortest or an individual route with stops. The truck navigation system can be ordered in conjunction with the CD radio, Bluetooth CD radio or Bluetooth CD radio with a permanently installed telephone.

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