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Mazda uses its "Soul of Motion" design language on furniture


April 11, 2013

The Mazda KODO Chair

The Mazda KODO Chair

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"Motion while sitting still," or similar such phrasing, is a favorite of automaker press releases. Every car manufacturer loves to pretend that its latest car looks like it's speeding down the highway even while it's parked at Denny's. For Milan Design Week, Mazda extends the same design concept to the very essence of sitting still: a chair.

Mazda calls its still motion "KODO," which translates to "Soul of Motion." The design language began with the 2010 Shinari concept and made it to production lines on the CX-5 redesign. Mazda says that KODO styling was inspired by the natural movements of animals in the wild.

Mazda describes the KODO Chair's styling as a "ready-to-pounce, forward-leaning stance conveying the sudden release of pent-up energy." We'd argue that those long, lanky front legs actually give the chair more of a feel of a rear-leaning entity, such as a child playing crab soccer, but we'll agree to call it a tensed-up rear lean, as in a snake or feline about to lay teeth into an unwelcome guest.

Mazda revealed the chair in its Mazda Con-Temporary Space (MACS) within the Zona Tortona district of Milan, where it's joined by the new Mazda6, the second member of the KODO family.

Mazda isn't on a private island when it comes to automakers building chairs. At last year's Design Miami event, Audi gave its own take with the R18 Ultra Chair," and a number of other automakers are displaying home furnishings in Milan.

For a thorough tour of the creations of Milan Design Week, be sure to visit our photo round-up.

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That chair is a serious trip hazard.


Spiderman: That's my chair!


My toe hurts just looking at it.

When I bought my Mazda 6 I picked up a V6 with a manual transmission for about 20k. Then they quit making the V6 with a manual transmission, now they don't offer a V6 for the car at all :(

A mid sized sedan with a max of 184 hp is not very zoom zoom. My 2004 is a sleeper and I'm keeping it.


If I were to glimpse that thing in a dark place, I would probabely run for my life! It´s about ready to jump...

Alfred Max Hofbauer

Exactly slowburn--you beat me to it.

It looks great, but it's an impractical design.


So sexy... it's DANGEROUS! Trip Hazard.

John Hagen-Brenner

Does anyone else expect to see machine guns pop out of the sides? Or hear it say something like, "I'm different."

Kyle Knapp

Love it! I'll take one with two extra legs and a flexible lamp coming overhead from the back like a scorpion, or I could make the mods myself! But o love the base model!


Great seat for playing video games.

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