Mawok hammock provides versatile first bed for baby


December 1, 2009

Mawok hammock is designed to be used in a permanent or temporary position, is lightweight and rocks baby up and down

Mawok hammock is designed to be used in a permanent or temporary position, is lightweight and rocks baby up and down

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Most babies like being rocked to sleep in your arms, but can often wake when being placed in their cradle. A product from a Swedish design company could help to solve that problem. The Mawok is a versatile baby hammock that is lightweight, easy to transport and can be fixed in a permanent or temporary position. And unlike traditional cradles, this hammock soothes baby by rocking up and down, rather than side-to-side.

The Mawok can be used from birth to approximately six months and provides two modes of suspension. In permanent mode, the unit is attached to the wall. In mobile mode, the unit can be hung over a door. This ensures that your baby always sleeps in their own bed.

The hammock is made from 100% calico cotton, provides a cosy and comfortable sleeping solution for baby and is ideal for traveling or overnight stays. It can be placed next to your bed for added convenience if (or more likely, when!) baby awakes during the night.

When the child is small, the hammock can be supported with one metal spring. As the child grows, this is increased to two springs. The hammock is designed to flatten and adjust to baby’s weight and offers support for the back. The baby is placed on their back in the hammock in accordance with SIDS guidelines.

Mawok uses steel springs that are 24 centimeters long (9.45”). The springs are designed to create the optimum vertical movement for the baby and a safety cord is included. The hammock weighs just 3kg (6.6lbs) and the cotton covered Styrofoam mattress measures 29 x 78 centimeters (11.42" x 30.71”). Mawok comes with a matching bag measuring 40 x 30 x 11 centimeters (15.75 x 11.81 x 4.33”).

The hammock was designed by Swedish company, Mony Inc which is operated and owned by Monica and Anders Landberg. They designed the Mawok hammock in an attempt to solve some of the problems associated with sleep in a child’s first year of life.

A Mawok package includes a permanent and mobile suspension attachment, the soft hammock in orange or brown, bedding and bag and can be purchased from SEK1,790 (approx. US$256 at time of publication). See Mawok for stockists. See below video for how to pack the Mawok.

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The use of \'webbing\' or nylon belt material as the support for the cantilever holding the child seems inappropriate, even more so since the cantilever is smooth and painted. If the strap slips the baby would drop and swing into the door or wall. The current design appears to collapse into a small space but this should be sacrificed to make the bracing immovable. I also question the idea of attaching your child to one side of a door when people on the other side could swing it open without knowing you\'ve got your baby on the other side. I can\'t believe they are selling this.


Ahh, I still can\'t believe it, at 15 seconds the camera pulls away from the operation of stowing the load bearing apparatus... I didn\'t even register that in addition there is a bungee type device that creates an oscillating load! A door stop should be included to wedge the door open so that it reminds the user it should be used on an open door on the doorway side vs the wall side. The hammock does seem to be a good idea, but the use of doors seems a poor choice. Yes, the owner could use the door of a pantry like in the video preventing someone from flattening the child into a wall but even then, have you looked at typical cabinet construction? Those hinges are not made to hold any weight and most have quick release features to aid in construction.

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