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Match vented candle-holders prevent burnt fingers


February 12, 2012

Match vented candle-holders

Match vented candle-holders

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Most of us have faced the problem of trying to light a candle that sits right at the bottom of a glass beaker or vase. I invariably burn my fingers, fumble the match, or just drop the whole works on the floor. Fortunately, a design studio in Sweden has come up with a clever candleholder design that could save lots of fingertips from being singed.

In 2005, a trio of Swedish design artists combined their talents and resources by forming a new design house called Form Us With Love. Their award-winning designs represent a broad spectrum of projects whose focus encompasses lighting design, furniture and interior design.

One of their recent design efforts is the Match candleholder, currently available from Design Within Reach. This elegant glassware includes a vent or slit down the side of the candleholder, thereby allowing a horizontally oriented match safe and simple access to the candle wick. The vent also emphasizes the flickering motion of the candle flame.

The design is fully carried out within the postmodern tradition of simplicity. What makes the Match so brilliant is that it's an incredibly simple solution for a problem which has been with us for centuries. This elegant simplicity doesn't come cheap however - a set of four Match candleholders will set you back US$75.

Source: Form Us With Love

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have you tried turning the candle and holder on its side to light it?

Denis Klanac

elegant, and obvious idea, I like it

Bill Bennett

It looks like a lot of money to spend to avoid holding the match in a pair of tweezers.


Stupid people who can\'t tilt the holder and light the candle need stupid decorations, too.

Carlos Cardoso

love it. now China needs to make it so we can find it in the $1 store.

Michael Taylor

It\'s nothing new. It was manufactured in Japan 10 years ago. Similar designs were noticed 20 years ago in Venice.

David Wong

With air flowing in at the base through the vent/slit, rather than flowing down due to thermal convection, will the candle then burn much stronger and last less time? To those who don\'t mind shelling out almost $20 a pop, the lifespan of a votif candle may be of little concern. Those who are not so profligate will find that a Bic Multi-Purpose lighter works quite well lighting any number of candle types.

Bruce H. Anderson

I have 6 candle holders that look almost exactly like those pictured above, purchased in Japan sometime in the late 1970\'s. I wonder where these 3 Swedish folks got their idea from?


Like most of the rest of the modern world, I use a lighter to light candles. I don\'t even own matches, let alone the longer than normal ones they seem to be using in the picture. What a dumb idea for a new product...

Marcus Carr

Beautiful candles, I am planning a candle light dinner party for that , I was searching something special. I think this would be the prefect choice.

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