Marshall amplifies the Alfa Romeo MiTo in one-off concept


June 27, 2014

The MiTo concept gives the 120-hp Alfa hatch a unique look

The MiTo concept gives the 120-hp Alfa hatch a unique look

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Over the years, we've seen a number of audio-focused vehicle tunes, including the Nissan Juke Box and recent Volkswagen Amarok Power. A new audio tune package packs the sporty Alfa Romeo MiTo full of the sound and look of the guitar amp legends at Marshall. The Alfa MiTo by Marshall concept car combines raw motoring and rawer sound.

Based on the 120-hp 2014 MiTo Distinctive, the new concept gets a body makeover that leaves it bearing resemblance to a Marshall amp. Its glossy black body is generously accented by the familiar Marshall gold panel finish on the grille, front and rear light surrounds, side mirror bodies, door handles, door trim and lower bumper trim. The bright-white Marshall badges on the C-pillars pop as prominently as they do on the face of an amp. Jim Marshall OBE’s signature and a #LIVEFORMUSIC rear windshield graphic plant the final Marshall fingerprints on the exterior. Alfa throws in a set of 18-inch alloy wheels, red brake calipers and chrome exhaust pipes.

The Marshall makeover continues through the gold-trimmed doors. The front and rear seats include Marshall grille cloth, black seat leather that mimics the rich, grainy texture of an amp cabinet, and white piping. A Shure SH55 microphone replaces the standard shift knob and adapts to its new role with an engraved gear map. Other interior upgrades include Marshall door sill tread plates, seat logos, custom floor mats, and white piping and gold panel finish around the dashboard and controls.

A stock audio system would be downright silly in an Alfa that's enjoyed such a full Marshallization. Marshall isn't your typical stereo equipment manufacturer, either, so this concept doesn't get the typical audio system upgrade. The MiTo by Marshall reflects its background with a tailgate that pops open to power an impromptu concert. The JVM205H head hooks up to a guitar and delivers music for the crowd over two 75-watt speakers. The system is powered by a dedicated battery pack.

The MiTo by Marshall made its first public appearance at an invitation-only screening of Dave Grohl’s "Sound City" documentary at London's Olympic Studios earlier this week. It will spend the rest of 2014 traveling to various audio and music events.

"Whilst this concept is an exciting exploration of ideas and themes at this stage, we hope it might influence a future special edition," commented Ivan Gibson, head of brand for Alfa Romeo.

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