Mars displayed in interactive four-gigapixel panoramic glory


March 28, 2013

The four gigapixel panorama creates a Street View-like experience on the surface of Mars

The four gigapixel panorama creates a Street View-like experience on the surface of Mars

Most of us will probably never make it to Mars, but the Curiosity Rover is there trying to give us the next best thing – tons of pictures. A diligent individual by the name of Andrew Bodrov has painstakingly stitched together 407 photos from Curiosity to create something that feels like Google's Street View, but with the Martian landscape as the subject.

The four billion pixels that come together to form the interactive panorama were sourced from 295 images from Curiosity's Narrow Angle Camera (NAC) and 112 from its Medium Angle Camera (MAC). The images were captured on Mars solar days 136 through 149. That's 13 Martian days, which are about 30 minutes longer than an Earth day, worth of images put together to feel like one cohesive unit.

While we may not be able to travel to Mars just yet, this image, along with Curiosity's self-portrait, photos of the possibility of life on Mars, and the slew of other amazing images the project has delivered, gives at least a clue as to what it would be like to step foot on martian soil.

Check out the source link for the panorama below, and take your own journey around Mars.

Source: 360cities via Petapixel

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Annoying they still color change these pictures...


@Arc - i think this is as good as it gets.


I wonder why we didn't include a couple of quadcopters with 3-D full motion video and sound? Wouldn't it be cool to wear virtual reality goggles and see and hear as if we are really there and move forward and not just look at a photo or panorama? WTF?

Swartie LoveJoy

Impressive view! Terrain bears resemblance to some featured here on earth, but still imparts an 'Alien' sense to the viewer! Until and unless earthlings aspiring to 'visit' the Planet, - get to actually 'see' flora and fauna on that hostile surface, - Mars isn't likely to have strong appeal to earth's travelling vacationers! Could have strong appeal to the ATV crowd and quad-rotor Club enthusiasts!

Robert Gillis

I wonder where the water went? Absorbed, evaporated? And can other planets meet the same fate given specific conditions...

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