Cayago Magnum: turning Navy Seals into dolphins?

October 10, 2007 The Seabob electric underwater propulsion device captured our imagination earlier in the year, acting like a 20kmh powered bodyboard and allowing users to dart along coral reefs and the ocean floor like they were born with fins. We’ve since discovered that the company has now produced a souped up version called the Cayago Magnum with 2½ times the available power or endurance. With the existing Seabob models already setting a pretty thrilling pace for leisure use, the high performance Magnum will be pitched as a military and special forces tool that will enable operatives to move exceptionally quickly from point to point, underwater and in total silence.Read More

Headland’s innovative retractable helipads for yachts

Increasingly, yacht buyers are demanding the ability to land a helicopter on deck – but not all yachts have sufficient clear deck space free for a designated helipad. France’s Headland Consulting are solving this issue Transformers-style with a range of very clever retractable landing pads that deploy mechanically to suit a wide range of different yacht and helicopter sizes.Read More

The CQ-2 twin seater personal submarine

The 2-seater personal submarine was recently debuted by C-Quester at Monte Carlo after the success of their earlier single-seater. Fully electric, the CQ-2 keeps cabin pressure at one atmosphere, meaning you can travel up and down with no decompression issues. A charge will last you 2 1/2 hours underwater, and there’s a bunch of safety systems including enough air for 36 hours in the case of an emergency. A four-seater model is expected soon.Read More

Speedsailing records tumble at Walvis Bay

September 21, 2007 Speedsailing competitors from all over the world flocked to Walvis Bay in Namibia recently where a combination of high winds and smooth seas saw several records tumble. The fastest run of the week was by Italian Patrick Diethelm, who completed the 500m pass at a blazing average of 43.02 knots – a ground speed of just under 80kmh and a new Italian men’s record.Read More

Convertible flippers eliminate duck waddle

September 20, 2007 We’ve written before about high-tech swim fins designed to be as efficient as possible in the water – but the problem remains that they’re very awkward and restrictive on land. That’s why we can instantly see the value of these convertible fins from Omega Aquatics that fold up out of the way to allow full mobility out of the water and click down with your first kick once you’re in the water.Read More

XSR48: 1600hp supercar-inspired luxury powerboat

September 19, 2007 It’s easy to see why it’s been labelled the ‘Bugatti Veyron’ of the sea – the stunning XSR48 is a luxury £1.2m powerboat that takes inspiration for both its performance and styling from the World’s finest supercars. Deriving 1600hp from its two bi-turbo 11.3L diesel engines, the 48ft XSR48 promises extraordinary handling and mid-range acceleration in achieving speeds of 75 knots. And the comparisons don’t end there – high-end supercar DNA is evident from the Kevlar and carbon-fibre hull/deck structure based on an F1 style monocoque right through to the cockpit and dashboard. The first production model is set to be unveiled today at the Monaco Yacht Show and Gizmag will be on the scene to bring you updates and further images – stay tuned.Read More

The Mangusta 165 - World's largest Open yacht

September 19, 2007 One of the many first views at the first boat show of the European season, the Salon Nautique in Cannes, was the Mangusta 165’ (50 meters), the largest Open yacht in the world. Towering over just about everything in the resplendent harbour, and with invites aboard restricted to Greek Shipping magnates and the like, the EUR 20 million yacht is the new record holder for size in the open class. Besting the existing record held by with its Mangusta 130, the largest open super yacht is destined to remain in the near vicinity as the European home of Australian entrepreneur Jamie Packer, son of the Late Kerry and Grandson of Sir Frank, who has moved the family business out of publishing and into casinos and hence has a lot of business to do in Europe. Combining the recurrence and cost-effectiveness of a Semi-Custom, the Rodriguez Group hopes to deliver two Mangusta 165s a year from 2009. Read More

Unmanned jet-skis to take on harbour patrol missions

September 17, 2007 UK-based defense contractor QinetiQ is preparing to demonstrate the Sentry – an unmanned watercraft the size of a jet-ski that’s set up to perform remote-controlled patrol, reconnaissance and damage assessment missions. Its six hour mission endurance and control range of up to 16 nautical miles will make this stealthy vehicle a very practical security tool.Read More


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