GE and the C-MAR Group unite to design hybrid tugboat

Hybrid technology is slowly beginning to make its mark on the roadways as manufacturers of cars, buses and trucks embrace it as a cleaner, more efficient alternative. Efforts are also underway to expand this type of technology on the water - Foss Maritime announced plans to build the world's first true hybrid tug boat in early 2007 and now GE and the C-MAR Group hope to demonstrate the feasibility of a hybrid tugboat technology that will both conserve fuel and reduce emissions.Read More

The Floating restaurant table

We've seen some great moveable entertaining concepts such as the Pedalpub, the Fuya-Jo party van, Red Bull’s nightclub on wheels and the floating beach party but figure this one has greater application than all of them. Part restaurant table, part BBQ, part lounge and part activity platform, this electric-powered, water-going party platform for ten is primarily aimed at the rental market where its versatility makes it suitable for myriad applications. Read More

Hemisphere: the world's largest sailing catamaran

April 9, 2008 The giant 44.2m (145ft), 500 ton Hemisphere will claim the title of the world's largest sailing catamaran when it begins charter operations in the Caribbean in the winter of 2008/2009. Packed with luxurious features including a spacious flybridge with jacuzzi, a shaded dining, an expansive indoor/outdoor living area and full watersports amenities including a dive locker served by a large hydraulic swim platform, the Hemisphere can accommodate twelve guests in its five comfortable ensuite cabins. And the price tag for a sample of this palatial floating escape: charter rates start at US$150,000 per week excluding operating expenses. Read More

Ingenious self-activating buoyancy device for keys, cameras, phones…

March 26, 2008 It’s an ingenious self-activating miniature buoy on a keyring and after several years of difficulties reaching market, the Seatriever Waterbuoy is now available and seeking international distribution. The UKP13 (US$26) Waterbuoy is the first product in a family of automatic floatation devices that will recover your mobile phone, keys, GPS receiver, PDA, binoculars, VHF radio or anything else that drops overboard. Read More

Wally announces new 'floating island' gigayacht: the WallyIsland

Little more than a decade after beginning in business, Monaco-based Wally Yachts continues to develop innovative concepts and minimalist luxury at a rate exceeding any other marine design house on the planet. The company's latest is the WallyIsland – a 99 meter (325 feet) "gigayacht" that dwarfs the vast majority of luxury megayachts and reconceives the yacht as a floating personal island, a mobile address that can be used as a home, an entertaining space or even a moving exhibition or show space.Read More

Stability 60 SWATH - the practical superyacht

Stability Yachts new catamaran-based US$700,000 yacht uses SWATH (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull) technology to reduce unwanted motion at standstill and at speed. The highly adaptable boat has the stability and space of a much larger boat, a large amount of reconfigurable floorspace, joystick manoeuvrability and when the SWATH stability is not required the hulls can be retracted electrically. With a draft of 18” it is comfortable in shallow water and robust enough to run onto a beach to offer an all-mod-cons two-storey beach shack with shaded sand and water beneath. In high seas, SWATH enables a 5’ wave to pass “through” the boat without causing rocking and pitching.Read More

The Waveboat - turns a PWC into a jetboat in 60 seconds

With 200 bhp PWCs now commonplace, there seems to be a trend emerging of using the PWC as a dockable powerplant for a larger craft, significantly extending the versatility and recreational options of the ski, the docking craft as a water platform, and the carrying capacity to five people and beyond. The Waveboat is to be launched next month and it offers some compelling functionality – just add your Yamaha Waverunner PWC and you have a high speed (video here) jetboat with ultrasweet handling and all the trimmings. With prices starting at US$8000(EUR5600), it’s a bargain accessory – sadly available for Yamaha Waverunners only.Read More

MarySlim: Multimarine Composites' wave cleaving Very Slender Vessel

Until recently limited to military craft, the wave-piercing attributes of the Very Slender Vessel (VSV) design has now made its way into the civilian boat world in the form of the MarySlim, a stunning 72-foot, £1.5 million, long-range cruiser built by Cornwall based Multimarine Composites that debuted last year at the Royal William Yard in England. The unique shape of the 1650 hp, V12 powered yacht allows it to cleave through waves, eliminating the power-consuming, bruising bounce of other crafts and allowing users to explore greater areas through harsher weather conditions.Read More


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