Standout water toys and small watercraft of 2015

We've already looked back at some of the most fun off-road toys of 2015. Those are great for big kids that like to play on land, but what about those folks that prefer to get their feet wet? Luckily, 2015 had plenty of new designs and innovations for them, too. We've plucked our favorite motorized toys, paddle-propelled watercraft and towables from our 2015 coverage to whet the appetite of those anxious to get on the water.Read More

Bugatti takes to the water with a €2 million yacht

Bugatti has partnered with watercraft maker Palmer Johnson to design a bespoke luxury yacht. Called Niniette, the carbon fiber yacht will be available in three models starting at 42 feet and features styling elements based loosely on classics from the Bugatti lineup. Prices start at a cool €2 million (US$2,176,700).Read More

Mother and son team to pedal across the Atlantic

With the goal of drawing attention to the mass extinction of species caused by human activity, a mother-and-son team from South Africa is aiming to cross the south Atlantic on a customized boat powered solely with a pedal system. Experienced adventurer Davey du Plessis (27), a raw vegan environmentalist, author and speaker, will lead the 6,450-km (4,008-mi) crossing that is expected to launch in late November, weather permitting. His mother, Robyn Wolff (50), who is also vegan, will be on the boat pedalling with him.

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Inflatable ferry supports the weight of a car

Transporting cars, equipment and even people across bodies of water could get a little less cumbersome, thanks to the inflatable Ferryboat built by Slovenia-based Hovercraft. Coming in one size large enough to transport a car and another sized for more personal use, the Ferryboat can be quickly inflated and launched from just about anywhere.Read More

Floatwing: a holiday home for drifters

We all like a relaxing holiday, but what if you could literally float away from all your worries? The Floatwing floating home lets you do just that. Whether used as a romantic getaway, a place to stay with friends or a watersports base camp, it can move leisurely around the calm serenity of a lake.Read More

eFishery fish farm feeder dispenses feed based on fish hunger levels

Fish farming seems like a great idea on paper. But a host of environmental problems can plague coastal fisheries, most due to the large amounts of waste generated by these floating factory farms. eFishery, a company based in Indonesia and run with the involvement of TED Prize director Amy Novogratz, hopes to alleviate waste problems that result from both over and underfeeding of fish with the development of a smart feeding device that bases the amount of feed dispensed on fish behaviour.Read More

Gibbs high-speed amphibious motorcycles – ride straight into the lake and out again

Serial amphibian creator Alan Gibbs has used the American International Motorcycle expo in Florida to launch three new outrageous recreational vehicles. Not satisfied making ridiculously fun-looking amphibious quadbikes, cars and trucks, Gibbs has now built two-and three-wheeled motorcycles that you can ride straight down a boat ramp into the water. At the touch of a button they convert to jet skis, retracting wheels out of the way and switching to jet propulsion. There’s almost no delay – the switch from road mode to water mode is done in less than 5 seconds, so you barely even lose momentum as you ride in or out of the water.Read More

Retrofittable unmanned system for navy boats takes to the water

In the waters near Portsmouth Naval Base, a small black boat recently roared about with no one at the controls. It hadn't run amok after the pilot fell overboard, but was instead a demonstration of a new robotic system developed by ASV and BAE Systems. The technology package can be retrofitted to the Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB) used by the Royal Navy (RN) to turn them into high-speed, autonomous, unmanned reconnaissance and surveillance platforms.Read More


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