$3,500 SolarSkiff electric boat rides to the water on your car roof

Not everyone needs a large, expensive boat to get out on the water. Some folks just want something simple, affordable and easy to float. For those types, Mississippi-based Betta Boats LLC presents the SolarSkiff, a compact, dirt-simple solarized electric boat that doesn't require a trailer. If you want to motor through the water for fishing or leisure without the investment or hassles involved with other boats, the SolarSkiff looks like an intriguing option.
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MIT develops early warning system for rogue waves

The open ocean is daunting enough when it's relatively calm, but add in the existence of huge, seemingly randomly-occurring walls of water, and it becomes downright terrifying. Now, researchers at MIT have come up with a new way of predicting when a rogue wave is about to hit, giving ships and offshore platforms a few precious minutes to prepare for the dangerous event.Read More

Mercedes and Cigarette Racing make a splash with GT3-inspired boat

The Miami International Boat Show started this week, and that means there's an all-new powerboat dressed up like a high-performance Mercedes. The Cigarette Racing Team and Mercedes have teamed up once again, picking up where they left off with last year's GT S-inspired boat to create a GT3 boat. If this 2,200-hp (1,640 kW) open-top harpoon doesn't bring the thrill of car racing to the open seas, few vessels have a chance.

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DEDAVE may be the autonomous underwater vehicle for everyone else

The Ford Model T wasn't the first car to ever be commercially available, but it was one of the very first to be mass-produced. This meant that its price could be kept relatively low, allowing for purchase by people who would otherwise have never been able to afford an automobile. Well, the DEDAVE could be to autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) what the Model T was to cars. Created by Germany's Fraunhofer Institute for Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation, it's claimed to be "the world's first autonomous underwater vehicle to be developed from the outset with a view to series production."Read More

Snorkel Dive keeps young divers on a safety leash

While simply gearing up and jumping into the water may be one way for kids to learn to scuba dive, Snorkel Dive Innovations believes there's a safer method. Its patent-pending approach incorporates a tethered system with adjustable depth limits of from 0 to 6 meters (20 feet), giving young divers the opportunity to build experience and technique while becoming more comfortable with diving at their own pace.Read More

Lifeshirt wears like a sport shirt and inflates to keep you afloat

Traditional Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) are an important part of water safety, but they can be entirely uncomfortable to wear in or out of the water, especially during activity. While inflatable belts and wristbands provide potentially sleeker, more comfortable alternatives, they still require the wearer to add extra accessories that may or may not be that comfortable. To further improve comfort, startup Aegis Lifeshirt integrates inflatable protection into the shirt you're wearing anyway.
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Rand aims to make electric boating a Picnic

The introduction of Rand Boats' Picnic and Picnic Sport motorboats now offers a lightweight, large-capacity, electric-powered alternative to traditional gas-powered boats. Able to seat up to 10 people and weighing in at a relatively svelte 280 kg (617 lb), both models can sail for up to 16 hours at a maximum speed of 13 km/h (8 mph) depending on the choice of motors and batteries.Read More

WaveWrecker turns you into an Oompa Loompa-like surfboard

Wearable tech has had a variety of interesting twists and turns over the years. Perhaps the most interesting is the category of wearables that turns you into a piece of action sports equipment. Jetpacks and wingsuits are a couple common examples, and we've also seen a wearable sled and underwater jetpack in recent years. The WaveWrecker joins the category as a wearable surf suit that turns the bodysurfer into his own board. Read More

SeaSki high-speed boat design leaves little in its wake

Boats are as old as human civilization, but that doesn't mean there's no room for improving the design. Case in point is the SkiSea, a new hull concept out of Australia that uses special skis to provide hydrofoil-like lift. SkiSea creator Trevor Payne says this approach allows for greater fuel economy, stability in rough waters, a shallow draught, and higher speeds while generating minimal wash or bow waves. Gizmag spoke with Payne about his design.Read More


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