Underwater drone follows and films scuba divers

Many aerial drones now feature a Follow Me mode – that's where they can be instructed to autonomously fly along above you and shoot video as you ski, cycle, run or otherwise move about. However, what happens if you're a scuba diver? Well, in the near future, you might buy an iBubble. It's a submersible drone that tracks its user as they swim underwater, using a proprietary technique that combines echolocation and object recognition.Read More

I christen thee RRS Boaty McBoatface?

Last month, the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) invited the public to help name its new £200 million (US$284 million) polar research ship. When voting closed on the weekend, the winner by a considerable margin was "RRS Boaty McBoatface," but there are doubts the words "I christen thee RRS Boaty McBoatface" will actually be muttered.Read More

Underwater robot finds "Nessie"

The good news: The Loch Ness Monster has been captured on sonar by an underwater robot operated by the British division of Norway's Kongsberg Maritime. The bad news: "Nessie" is a prop from a Sherlock Holmes film that sank in the loch in 1969. The monstrous model was long thought lost until it was discovered this week by the Munin Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) as part of an underwater survey of the loch for The Loch Ness Project and VisitScotland.Read More

U-Boat Worx plumbs new depths with latest tourist subs

U-Boat Worx has unveiled a new take on tourist submarines, designed to show lucky passengers more of the underwater world around them. The Cruise Sub can take 5, 7 or 9 people to 1,140 m (3,740 ft), which the company says makes them the deepest-diving 5 and 7-person tourist submarines on the market. Read More

Cruise ship spells "Joy" with onboard race track and bumper hovercraft

The world of luxury cruise ships strikes us as one of unfettered oneupmanship. Do you really need (even want) to shoot down a zip line in the middle of the ocean or sip drinks served up by a robo bartender? No, but such features sure seem compelling when you're browsing cruise line websites. Norwegian Cruise Line has raised the bar for outlandish cruise offerings yet again. Its recently announced China-bound "Joy" cruise ship will entertain with a two-level race track, multi-story water park, high-tech arcade, and bumper hovercraft arena.
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Hobie Eclipse stand-up pedal board will have you walking on water

Not content with rescuing kayakers' tired arms with its highly efficient pedal-propulsion system, water sports specialist Hobie is now setting its sights on those who like to take to the water upright. The company's Mirage Eclipse stand-up Pedal boards make for new kinds of aquatic adventure by allowing standing users to glide across the water simply by moving their legs up and down.Read More

$3,500 SolarSkiff electric boat rides to the water on your car roof

Not everyone needs a large, expensive boat to get out on the water. Some folks just want something simple, affordable and easy to float. For those types, Mississippi-based Betta Boats LLC presents the SolarSkiff, a compact, dirt-simple solarized electric boat that doesn't require a trailer. If you want to motor through the water for fishing or leisure without the investment or hassles involved with other boats, the SolarSkiff looks like an intriguing option.
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