Mando Footloose becomes unhinged


August 29, 2013

Mando's new Footloose prototype leaves the fold

Mando's new Footloose prototype leaves the fold

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Following the official launch of its Footloose folding e-bike at Eurobike 2012, Mando turned up to Eurobike 2013 with a new prototype that is remarkably similar to the current Footloose, but with one major difference – it doesn’t fold.

Developed in response to feedback from potential consumers who were after a non-folding model, the prototype is functionally the same as the original Footloose that has been available for purchase in South Korea since October 2012 and recently became available in Germany at some pop-up stores for €3,999 (US$5.300).

There are a few differences, however. The loss of the folding mechanism allows the prototype to be 10 cm (3.9 in) shorter and 1.7 kg (3.7 lb) lighter than its stablemate. It also gets a removable battery and the company says it will be a bit cheaper than the original model. But without any concrete pricing or release date info, just how much cheaper isn’t yet known.

The company is aiming for a 2014 release for the non-folding model and is actively looking for European distributors for the original model, with the possibility of a US release in the future.

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So, do the pedals actually do anything, or are they just there to rest your feet? Electric or not, the idea of "no chain" is a good one, if only the price was not so darn high!

The Skud

p.s. Just read a story about the original machine, dynamo fitted to the cranks, clever! Just hope the electronics don't get a short-out by riding through a deepish puddle!

The Skud

A chain is more efficient.


Sleek and sexy, but should sell for $500 rather than $5000+.


Remove the pedals and you can use it as a runnerbike when the battery goes flat.

Henry Van Campa

The pedals turn an alternator I believe that charges the battery that powers the motor, so kind of like the Chevy Volt that has an on board engine to extend the range of the battery, the engine in the Mando's case is the rider :)

Nanda Holz
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