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MagBak just might be the world's thinnest iPad mount


July 24, 2013

The MagBak can be mounted to any metal surface and others with the help of the metalic O-R...

The MagBak can be mounted to any metal surface and others with the help of the metalic O-Ring

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Mounts for iPad are thick on the ground, but the creators of MagBak are looking to stand out from the crowd with a slimmed down approach to attaching the tablet to any surface that also keeps the Smart Cover closed and provides a convenient grip. In fact, the MagBak so thin, it doesn't even look like it's meant to mount an iPad at all, which is exactly what the designers were aiming for.

The MagBak is basically two silicone-coated magnets that attach directly to the back of the iPad. These allow the device to be attached to almost anything made of metal. For other surfaces, a metal O-ring with 3M adhesive backing is included.

The magnets will also hold the Apple Smart Cover open and prevent it from flapping around while the device is in hand. They are also coated in silicone, which should make the iPad easier to carry around, and keep it from sliding on smooth surfaces. Additionally, the 0.5mm thick pads keep the back of the iPad slightly elevated, providing a little protection.

As well as Apple's own Smart Cover, Alex Baca of 1Lss Inc. designed MagBak to work with other iPad accessories such as Smart Cargo.

Baca is seeking funding for MagBak on Kickstarter. Buyers interested in grabbing a MagBak can choose from a number of different packages starting with the device and one metal O-ring for US$34.

The Kickstarter video pitch below shows the MagBak in use.

Source: 1lss and Kickstarter

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Good idea. They should make these for flat screen televisions!

25th July, 2013 @ 08:45 am PDT
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