City Slicker: Lumeneo Smera tilting EV concept


March 10, 2008

Lumeneo Smera electric vehicle concept

Lumeneo Smera electric vehicle concept

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March 11, 2008 Like a number of vehicle concepts we've encountered in recent years such as the NARO Tilting Car and the VentureOne plug-in hybrid, the Lumeneo Smera aims to create a "best of both worlds" blend of car and motorcycle by combining the protection of an enclosed driver capsule with the small-footprint and maneuverability of two-wheeled transport. On debut at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show, the four-wheel, fully-electric Smera concept boasts a top speed of 80mph (130kmh), a 93 mile (150km) range on a single charge and can achieve 0-60 mph in around 8 seconds with an on-board computer automatically controlling the vehicle's tilting function to an angle of up to 25 degrees by taking into account on the turning angle, speed and road conditions.

Measuring under 8 feet in length, just 2.6 feet wide (2.4 x 0.8m) and weighing 770 lbs (350kg), the diminutive Smera is powered by two 20hp electric motors with a belt drive delivering power directly to the rear wheels. Described as a 1+1 seater (ie. two people can fit but leave the luggage at home), the zero local emissions car uses a lithium ion battery pack which can be recharged via a conventional mains outlet.

Inside the Smera features leather upholstery with an LCD information screen with the vehicle's tall stance ensuring that the driver wont get lost in city traffic.

French manufacturer Lumeneo is expected to bring the Smera to market next year but no word on price as yet.

Via Lumeneo AutoBlogGreen.

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