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Longboard Stroller concept combines childcare with skateboarding


May 31, 2013

The Longboard Stroller in action

The Longboard Stroller in action

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Many parents like to bring their baby along while riding a bike, walking, and performing other outdoor activities. Well, now skateboarders can get in on the action too, with the help of the Longboard Stroller by Quinny and Studio Peter van Riet.

The Longboard Stroller is, as its name suggests, essentially a skateboard with the child-carrying portion of a stroller bolted on. Setting aside the myriad moral and safety issues, it appears to work as expected, and providing your offspring isn't the nervous type, should be up to the task of challenging any nearby Buggy Strollers to a race.

Whether the concept is lunacy or genius is certainly up for debate, but the Longboard Stroller impressed the judges at last year's OVAM Ecodesign Awards enough for stroller manufacturer Quinny to snag an award and €2,000 (around US$2,600).

As the Longboard Stroller is still firmly in the research and development phase, Quinny isn't presently providing much in the way of hard facts, such as a release date or price. However, you can check out the prototype unit in action in the video below.

Source: Longboard Stroller via Bless This Stuff

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Awesome! I love the fact that more and more, we are letting go of the idea that you must give up what you enjoy when you become a parent.

Amanda Matthews

My son's gonna love me taking him along when I compete at the next longboard downhill race!


First major wipeout at 'high' speed... this product will be SO banned. I know that it LOOKS cool, and I'm sure it's fun, for child and rider, but safety is a huge issue here ... yah yah, I SEE the helmets , but a falling rider is still a child killing hazard.


Needs to have an automatic brake that engages when the adult is not on the board, and it needs some sort of protection for the kid against frontal impacts. If they made it so a shopping basket could be attached it would give it an additional market. Also it would be nice if the board could be detached.

Michael Crumpton

Pipedog42, I agree, landing at speed on top of a child would end up very messy. not everybody has super quick reaction time to miss that big rut or pot hole.

Denis Klanac

i ride and that's the stupidest thing i have ever seen.

Ian Madden

Definitely need a auto brake but anybody that will do child endangering speed with a child on board shouldn't be a parent.


I see the appeal, but I also see dead kids. I see no way to make this safe enough to allow children to be placed in harm's way. Imagine the guilt from smashing your own child. This is not a good idea.


It isn't just that the kid is on the board. It is possible for parents to just travel slow but skateboard wheels themselves are too small in diameter and can sometimes stop abruptly hitting even small cracks or stones.

In the same way roller blades tend to be a lot more forgiving of these imperfect surfaces than roller skates this could be made safer with slightly larger diameter wheels. Being a longboard helps but the wheels are inherently unsafe for this application.


I love the disclaimer "leaving aside the myriad moral and safety issues" - What happens the first time a 'boarder falls and the 'board runs free? RUNAWAY KID! I agree that it would definitely need bigger wheels, maybe pneumatic, to have any chance.

The Skud

Stupid idea, totally not cool or safe IMO

Trevor Wrn

I tried it and the kid and I both loved it! At 40 kph it was very stable and didn't develop a speed wobble until it got over 50. I did find that when I got big air, the front end was too light, so the nose stayed high and we kept spilling the landing. I put a house brick in with the kid though, then it was just right! Totally radical ride, and chicks really dig it!

Marcus Carr

this is dumb and dangerous. it should be illegal to stop stupid parents from a lot of regret.


This doesn't look any more dangerous than a baby bicycle seat.

The design looks a little short. All the models/testers were crowding the heel of the board.

If they made an alternative model that was closer to a stroller/scooter, I would actually consider having a kid (add bigger wheels, and handbrake).

William McCluskey

I question the design philosophy behind using the child passenger as the crumple zone cushion for the face-planting adult rider. Unlike bicycles which has long wheelbase, large wheels, capable steering and BRAKES, skateboards don't inherently handle road surface imperfections, control descent speed, or avoid obstacle very well. Now, strap on a significant mass that is frontally unprotected over the front axle of that short wheelbase vehicle, and you've got a text book example of how not to design a intrinsically stable platform. Also, what would an autobrake do with such an unstable device if activated? Fishtail and roll? Endo and tumble? Hey, somebody mentioned earlier about how nice it would be to not have to make any sacrifices to one's lifestyle to be a parent. Wait, I've got an idea, child seat on a snowboard!


I have to say, this seems like a really stupid idea.

I have absolutely no doubt this will result in serious injury to babies and small children, and possibly deaths.

This is, quite literally, an accident waiting to happen.


Can't wait to see the youtube videos of parents sliding on rails, jumping stairs, doing the swimming pool and all the other cool stunts you can do on a skateboard. Gotta teach em young.....

They should be using the new shark wheels as well. http://www.gizmag.com/shark-wheel-skateboard/27825/


Come on, guys. Anyone can tell that this product isn't meant to be used at high speeds and to do typical skateboard tricks. A good parent would be cautious and use it safely and properly. I honestly like the idea and would use one with my daughter, but only if it met all the safety standards.


Do any of you skate and also have kids? Please take a closer look and understand this is based off a Longboard not a skateboard. Your typical skateboard like what Tony Hawk is know for riding is meant for tricks. Skateboards have small hard wheels that will abruptly stop on large cracks and rocks, because they designed for riding in skateparks, doing tricks, and empty swimming pools and are not practical for smooth neighborhood cruising. A Longboard has a much longer wheelbase and trucks for greater comfort and stability. Longboard wheels are larger 70~80mm and much softer to allow the wheels to roll over the imperfection on the road. Because of a longboard's stability it is capable of achieving higher speeds, but like any vehicle the speed is at the discretion of the rider. A road bike can exceed speeds over 35mph but you would be a fool to do so with a child onboard. My mountain bike has an iBert baby seat on it, but I will not take my baby on jumps or even down steep hills.

Longboards are great for just cruising. Safety rule I tell new riders is don't go any faster then you can jog. I've carried my baby while gently cruising on my longboard, if an issue occurs I just simply step off because my speed was that of a brisk walk. Yes, I think this device needs some safety improvements but an automatic brake is not one of them. Perhaps a wrist leash and a bar across the front of child like a stroller.


I am a young grandmother of 5 and all of them are 5 yrs of age and younger who live with me. My husband and I bought 4 scooters ( littlest is 12 days old) and all the gear and they love going on outings but I always feel to slow for them and this would allow me to keep up with them. They have the 4 wheeled kind with foot brakes and we just bought leashes so that if a child falls off they won't lose their "ride" as my grandson puts it. We all love scooters and now with new baby mommy had to wear snugi and she felt awkward so she stopped coming with us. This would allow everybody to go and the 2 littlest could ride along. I WANT TWO

Stevie Smith
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