London reveal of all-new 2013 Range Rover brings new details and pics


September 7, 2012

Last night's official 2013 Range Rover reveal in London

Last night's official 2013 Range Rover reveal in London

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We wrote about the new Range Rover a few weeks ago, but after the official launch party last night at a ballet school in London, Land Rover has released a few more juicy details and a ton of new images. Order books are now open and the vehicle is being made at a brand new £370 million (US$590 million) aluminum body plant in Solihull England – the largest in the world.

To recap, the new vehicle is slightly larger in all directions but with a much more rounded and tapered body shape. The extensive use of aluminum has enabled the creation of a vehicle an astonishing 900 lbs (400 kg) lighter than the outgoing vehicle, with a commensurate reduction in fuel consumption and emissions.

The interior remains as luxurious as ever with leather, wood and aluminum finishes vying for your attention while legroom has been increased in the rear by nearly five inches. There will be a greater range of interior and exterior color options available to allow customers to er, customize.

New and improved interior features include:

  • Keyless entry, soft door close with power latching, power upper and lower tailgates, cooler compartments, and electrically deployable towbar
  • High-end audio from British specialists Meridian – surround sound music systems with "audiophile-quality sound"
  • Displays – high-resolution displays, including a full digital instrument cluster and the central 8-inch touch-screen with Dual-View functionality
  • Voice control and connectivity – a connectivity package for mobile devices Climate control – all-new climate control systems, including the new four-zone system and Park Heater timer facility
  • Upgraded seating – includes new features such as multi-mode massage, and the exclusive new Executive Class rear seating package
  • Interior illumination – LED illumination for subtle ambient lighting, including the ability to change the color scheme to suit the driver’s mood

Off road performance has been enhanced because of the lighter but stiffer shell combined with an improved 4WD and electronic traction system. Wading depth (the depth of water you can safely drive through) has been increased to 900 mm (three ft).

Among the new driver handling aids are:

  • Two-channel Dynamic Response active lean control, and Adaptive Dynamics with continuously variable damping
  • Electric Power Assisted Steering, which enables Park Assist – the automated technology to help drivers parallel park their car in tight urban parking spots
  • Adaptive Cruise Control – with new Queue Assist feature which allows the system to continue functioning at low speeds and down to a complete stop
  • Intelligent Emergency Braking (including Advanced Emergency Brake Assist) – to help drivers avoid a collision if the traffic ahead slows quickly or another vehicle suddenly moves into their lane
  • Blind Spot Monitoring – with new Closing Vehicle Sensing feature to detect vehicles which are closing quickly from a further distance behind
  • Reverse Traffic Detection – to warn drivers of potential collisions during reversing manoeuvres
  • Surround Camera System – with T Junction view, Trailer reverse park guidance, and Trailer hitch guidance.

Customers have a choice of a petrol 510hp LR-V8 Supercharged and two diesel (3.0-litre 258hp TDV6 and 4.4-litre 339hp SDV8) engines, all of which are now paired with a eight-speed automatic transmission. US customers will only get the petrol V8 for now but there are hints that the diesels might come to the US later.

The weight saving helps the 510hp LR-V8 Supercharged model to accelerate from 0—60mph in just 5.1 seconds, a reduction of 0.8 seconds over the outgoing model. At the same time, fuel consumption is cut by nine per cent.

The new Range Rover’s environmental credentials will be further enhanced by the introduction of a high-efficiency diesel hybrid model later in 2013 (target CO2 169g/km).

Pricing in the UK starts from £71,295 (US$114,146) for the Range Rover Vogue 3.0L TDV6 rising to £98,395 ($132,000 excluding taxes) for the Range Rover Autobiography 5.0L Supercharged.

Source: All New Range Rover mini-site

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Yawn. Big, ugly, boxy, gas-hog....isn't this the same old junk Range Rover is famous for?

Clay Jones

It depends how you define 'off-road'.... The desert Photoshop photo above makes me smile as I have attempted to drive my RR in sand. I took my HSE into Wahiba Sands here in Oman, it got stuck 10m up the first dune. When it did get to the top over the next 36 hours I lost both front wheel arch liners, the washer fluid bottle, all the plastic front spoiler bits, 'Transmission Failsafe Mode' warning that has never gone away, Lo gear failure etc etc....

Great ride on the Nizwah Road to Wahiba, but RR are definitely a soft-roader.


It's beautiful - no doubt - but I wonder if Land Rover plans on installing the mandatory "Worst Reliability Conceivable" package with this model like they have with the multitude of their models that have predated it:

It boggles my mind that there are people out there who eagerly jump at the chance to drop $75k on a vehicle that aspires to be as dependable as a 1987 Yugo.


I am highly amused by the uninformed preceding comments.

The reason being that normally one only considers cars with high resale value in order to get the best return come trade in time, however my LR3 has been so reliable that I have no intention of ever selling it. It has been our go-to vehicle for long trips 1,000 miles or more (it averages 20 miles per US gallon with the V-8) even though we have 2-newer cars to choose from.

By rights it is in my in my best interest to welcome as many bad reviews as possible in order to allow me to continue buying slightly used later model LR3's at lower prices

The depressed prices of used LR3's make them an unbelievable bargain thanks to the uninformed (on recent changes in production quality) continuing to post negative comments even though they only apply to the earlier generation of LR.

Please bash the brand to your heart’s content we love it, 80,000 miles and at least 200,000 more to go (based on current wear rate).

People in the know are buying LR's with sales up 20%, it could have been more if there had not been a shortage in NA.

Ask yourself; why would they build another plant if the brand was junk .

Bert Gingerich

It never amazes me how so many people think this is a good looking vehicle. To me, they have always remained ugly, including this new version.

As for the price, I would rather have all the goodies, power, and far better looks from the current 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 or even the upcoming SRT 2014 model.

Marco Corona

Didn't anyone read it before commenting? This is an entirely different vehicle, that won't get stuck in sand because it is half a ton lighter. It will get good gas mileage. And it is now owned by Tata, so it is not likely to still have reliability problems. The author has to stress the new differences more I guess?



Highly amused? And who brought up resale value? Or the LR series for that matter (which, according to the most recent Edmunds review still offers poor reliability)? Not me.

While you've had a great experience, the facts as reported by any credible source (the link from the UK provided, as well as most others out there, are from 2012 and speak to CURRENT build quality and not without taking into account "recent changes in production quality") are that at any price these vehicles are poorly constructed. Beautifully decorated, but poorly constructed. This becomes more glaring when the list price on these vehicles reaches what they do.

To your question, "Why would people buy it?" if this is the case? Because it speaks more to ones wealth/status than it does to common sense. And many of us who have met with success take a degree of pleasure in making this fact known. This also applies to the gut-wrenching reliability issues Mercedes suffered from in the late 2000's. If people bought solely based on reliability and resale, and I'm glad this isn't the case, the world would be awash with Accords. And that would be sad indeed.

Read the facts, and vehicle being referenced, before getting defensive.

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