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London lorry gets 360 degree cameras in bid for cyclist safety


August 7, 2014

Sainsbury's Mercedes-Benz Antos 1824L with 360 degree video technology.

Sainsbury's Mercedes-Benz Antos 1824L with 360 degree video technology.

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According to the London Cycling Campaign, lorries are involved in over half of cyclist fatalities in Greater London, despite the fact that they make up only 5 percent of the traffic. Fortunately, UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s may have an answer. The food giant has recently launched a lorry specifically designed with the safety of cyclists in mind.

The Mercedes-Benz Antos 1824L features new proximity sensors along the sides of the lorry which beep to alert the driver of other road users, in conjunction with low side guards for cyclist safety. There are more downlights, too, to give the driver more visibility of road users in the dark.

But by far the most impressive feature is the 360-degree video technology in the cab, which gives the driver an all-around view of the surrounding road.

A warning sticker and a tail lift operation warning which outputs an audible sound when the tail lift is being lowered, a curved slipstream (and Kamm tail) for improved aerodynamics and a white noise reversing alarm that can be turned off at night are also neat additions.

"It's brilliant that these companies are showing the way that the risk of injury to cyclists and pedestrians can be reduced," said London Cycling Campaign's lorry expert, Charlie Lloyd. "Avoidable risks still remain as current designs put the driver up in the air too far away from people on the street."

The London truck is one of seven currently produced by Mercedes-Benz, with another nine on the way.

Source: Mercedes-Benz Trucks


The biggest reduction in cyclist fatalities would be caused by cyclists NOT trying to undertake the truck especially when it is turning.

No matter what the truck manufacturers do there will only be a slight reduction in fatalities until the cyclists understand that they have a responsibility for their own safety.

This technology will let cyclists think that the driver will be looking out for them just at the time when he has more pressing things on his mind, like getting the truck round the corner without damage and not some stupid cyclist that chooses that moment to try and undertake.


Not a single glimpse into the 360 degree view inside?

Maybe the driver was trying to drive a truck while listening to dozens of alarms on a crowded city street, he doesn't have time to watch video.

Still the side guards should help from being run over, only being brushed aside under the wheels of the next car or truck.

Bob Flint

side-guards should be a requirement for any trucks driving through cities.

Whether it's the cyclists "fault" or not, there should be no excuse for having such a massive-vehicle's tires exposed. And as an added benefit to side-guards, the aerodynamics increase and the side-guards would likely (more than) pay for themselves over the course of the trucks life.

another requirement should be rear-bumpers that don't collapse on the corners. (go check out the awful designs that are out there and watch how easily they crumple on the corners) I think the NHTSA is working on that one.


In the UK and Ireland you hear about a cyclist getting hit by a truck every now and again, and you never hear of the truck driver getting charged.

You see a truck, with its indicator on, starting to make a turn and a cyclist will refuse to stop and blast up the inside. It's lunacy. Red lights seem to be ignored in mass.

These cameras will make trucks yield their right of way more, making it more dangerous to drive behind them. Truck slams on bakes because some cyclist blasted trough a red light, car behind crashes into it.


I'm surprised trucks aren't already fit with video cameras as a solution to blind spots (they effectively back up without knowing if anything's behind them).

fenshwey > In the UK and Ireland you hear about a cyclist getting hit by a truck every now and again, and you never hear of the truck driver getting charged.

Incidently, why aren't there cycle lanes like in the Netherlands, Denmark, and Germany, so that cyclists don't share the road with motorized vehicles, especially big delivery trucks?


Having spent many a miserable mile driving in London, I think that the only answer is for all cyclists to be registered and to clearly display a registration number plate at both the front and rear of their bicycles. Having each one made of material that makes it weigh at least 250 kg should make cycling a lot safer and driving much more enjoyable. Failing that, ban all traffic other than bicycles. I cannot see anything else working. Well actually, I do have another idea which involves a novel use of the bicycle pump, but it is best left for another time.

Mel Tisdale

Need this for all trucks in the US too Lisc for US production alone.

Stephen Russell

I have a strip of foil that is under my rear bumper, it emits microwaves that detect objects and beeps when I'm reversing. (I believe it works with metal bumpers too) Surely a modified unit could easily detect a cyclist that has come along side, and way cheaper than a video system.


Why can't lorry drivers see cyclists in their wing mirrors?(presumably convex for a wide angle view) I am amazed that cyclists risk their lives by dangerous driving. Do they have a death wish?

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