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Get lost? Not likely with the Lok8u multi-m8 GPS wristwatch


January 22, 2010

The Lok8u multi-m8 GPS watch

The Lok8u multi-m8 GPS watch

It’s a big world out there and for many different people in society that means a big risk of getting lost. Following the release of its nu.m8 GPS location device for children, Lok8u has announced its adult counterpart, the multi.m8. The device, worn as a wristwatch, aims to make a range of people from lone workers to the elderly easily locatable through the combined use of GPS and cellular identification technology.

Partnering with T-Mobile, Lok8u has developed the multi.m8 watch to quickly and accurately pinpoint the location of the wearer. Unveiled at the recent CES 2010, the company uses a patented cell ID algorithm to give an approximate location to within 10ft, with location software accessed via a web portal. In addition to an LCD screen capable of receiving SMS messages, it also incorporates a panic button the user can press to request assistance and a voice recorder.

The types of people that could benefit from wearing the multi.m8 watch are many and varied. Aside from helping family members or medics to locate senior citizens and others suffering from Alzheimer’s or similar conditions, the watch is also aimed at people that partake in sports like hiking, running, or skiing, as well as people who work alone in isolated locations or challenging environments.

While the nu.m8 is to be released this month for US$179.99, the Lok8u multi.m8 is expected to be available towards the middle of the year.

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