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LoJoBall: the lounging lovechild of bean bag and pouf


March 31, 2009

LoJoBall: the lounging lovechild of bean bag and pouf

LoJoBall: the lounging lovechild of bean bag and pouf

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Not sure about you, but I never found the traditional bean bag the most appealing of items, always having to re-adjust myself to stay comfortable and still have my drink within reaching distance. Gizmag has recently looked at some of the latter day improvements that seek to redefine these polystyrene ball filled sacks into a comfortable alternative to furniture, and the LoJoBall -a sphere like creation that is a cross between a bean bag and a pouf - is another that fits the bill.

The design was conceived by Stefan and Kirstin Knox of Bang Creations Limited. When zipped closed the LoJo forms a sphere that is designed to be used as a foot rest or stool. When unzipped the sphere then converts to a seat with a back rest. The seat, which is the considerably smaller section of the combination is filled with beans and designed to mould to your bottom, while the back rest is inflatable for comfortable lounging.

The LoJo is made from woven durable nylon on the outside, fleece lining on the inside, and the cover is designed to be thrown into the washing machine. It is manufactured in various colors and designs when deflated it makes a compact seat to take with you on your travels.

Now, the only drawback I can perceive with the LoJo is that like the traditional bean bag, it places one very close to the floor, not ideal for individuals who may have a few problems elevating themselves into a standing position. I also enjoy neck support while resting at the end of a long day sipping a chilled glass of wine. So while fans of the traditional bean bag who love to lounge around close to the floor may find the LoJo an appealing alternative, this chic hybrid bean bag/pouf may not be suitable for everyone.

The LojoBall retails in the UKP80-120 range.

Anne Hanrahan

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