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Logitech announces new Harmony Touch universal remote


October 3, 2012

The Harmony Touch has less buttons and a 2.4-inch swipe and tap touchscreen

The Harmony Touch has less buttons and a 2.4-inch swipe and tap touchscreen

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Logitech has just revealed its latest universal remote, the Harmony Touch. It marks the first big shift in the company's Harmony remotes in quite some time, and is designed to simplify some of the complicated controls that came with previous models.

Most controls are contained on the 2.4-inch touchscreen, but there are still some physical buttons on the device for certain functions. Logitech opted to remove number buttons from the remote, which looks quite odd at first glance. Removing these allows Logitech to trim a substantial amount of girth from the device. You can still get access to a number pad via the touchscreen, if you need to enter a channel's number.

The touchscreen has an option to store 50 of your favorite channels as icons that look similar to those on iOS devices. These feature the logo of the channel, which should make it easier to find the channel you're looking for. The screen will also accommodate any other functions that the physical buttons cannot.

The physical buttons sit above and below the touchscreen, which is the main control method for the remote. It has key buttons such as play, pause, record, a navigation pad and the like. Because there are less buttons, the ones on the remote are bigger and easier to press. All buttons are backlit, so you shouldn't have a problem using the remote in the dark.

All functions on the remote are set up through Logitech's web service. In here, you can set up activities, create favorite channels and custom icons for controlling your device. Logitech also integrated an easy way for Harmony One users to transfer to a Harmony Touch using its web portal.

The Harmony Touch can sync with up to 15 devices at a time. Logitech also claims that the remote will be compatible with 225,000 home entertainment devices and over 5,000 brands.

The remote is rechargeable, so there is no need to swap batteries. It has a stylish looking charging station that you drop the remote in when you're not using it.

The remote ships later this month at a suggested retail price of US$249. Interested buyers can pick it up directly from Logitech's website or from most major retailers.

Source: Logitech

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LOVE LOVE LOVE my Harmony remotes (have three now...)

I help friends set up their home theaters or just mount the flat-screens in the family rooms with the DVR, DVD, Roku, A/V receiver, XBOX, PS3... and the ONE remote to rule them all: Harmony.

Saved MANY marriages with the Harmony Remotes... and this one looks even better.

Cheers, Doc Rings

Matt Rings

ouch...a bit pricey.

I own a harmony remote, they are very nice. My only complaint is that it is IR only. Which means I can't use it to control my boxee box, which is a bummer.

Derek Howe

I have several Harmony Remotes - they're incredibly useful - but I must say, I'm tired of their ridiculous pricing. This remote should be $99. For $249, I can easily live without it.

Bill Loguidice

Please learn the proper usage of the words "less" and "fewer." The new Harmony remote has fewer buttons, not less buttons.

Barry Venditti

I agree with Barry, $99 would be a reasonable price. At $249 I simply don't need it!

Michael Lard

Barry (AKA William Strunk, Jr wannabe), this is a blog about the Harmony remote not an English lesson blog. If more people like you spent less time bashing everyone, the world would be a much better place. Now where do I find my "Barry" shutty buttons on my two awesome harmony remotes? Feel free to start an English blog on another site.

In regards to the remotes by Harmony, they are awesome as they really simplify applications such as watch TV or watch a DVD as the help button leads to a quick fix on "one" remote vice the 5 or 6 that are used via the old school method and woudl scare guests in your house. Yes, the price can scare people but the advantages of ease of application make it worth it. Now when people house sit while we are on vacation, I do not get a call about how to fix the tv or stereo. The guest just hits the help button and the problem is resolved quickly.

Joe Blowski

I have two comments and a question. 1 - For those of you who have not had the pleasure of using a Harmony remote, please try it before you comment. We have been using a Harmony One for three years. We love it. It is pricey, but so are all our other gadgets, software and toys that make us happy.

2 - I think Barry's less vs fewer comment is totally appropriate. His comment was polite and succinct and addressed to the author who is a paid professional who should know the difference.

3 - Which gadget can I use to show one of the videos on this site (http://www.templerodefshalom.org/live-streaming-archives/) on my TV? I know this is not the correct forum for this question, but I thought one of you smart people would know.

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