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Logitech's G602 mouse promises 250 hours of non-stop, lag-free gaming


August 29, 2013

The Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse

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Using a wireless mouse can certainly help cut down on cable clutter, and if the battery runs out while scrolling through a website, or there's a slight delay between moving the peripheral and the desired onscreen cursor response, it's not the end of the world. For gamers, however, such things are serious enough that many enthusiasts and pros opt for the reliability of a wired connection to a gaming computer. Logitech's G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse effectively puts an end to battery life and performance woes by offering over 10 days of non-stop, lag-free gaming.

The latest addition to the Logitech G line, the G602 is claimed to get an astonishing 250 hours of continuous use from two standard AA-sized batteries in Performance (gaming) mode, and over 1,400 hours in Endurance (non-gaming) mode. The mouse can also run on one battery to cut down on weight, but does so at the expense of up time.

The gaming mouse is the first wireless mouse to benefit from the company's Delta Zero sensor technology, which offers up to 2,500 DPI sensitivity. Users can temporarily shift the LED-illuminated optical sensor from the nippy high setting to 250 DPI for precision targeting by holding down a command button, which resumes faster speeds when released.

Logitech says that the 2.4 GHz wireless connection via a dedicated USB nanoreceiver has a range of 3 m (10 ft) and a 2-millisecond report rate for low-latency gaming freedom. The nanoreceiver can be stowed away inside the body of the mouse for travel, and there's a supplied extension cable for optimum reception.

The G602 benefits from slip-resistant grips and primary mechanical microswitches with a rated 20 million click lifespan. Frequent gaming commands can be assigned to the peripheral's 11 programmable controls via Logitech's Gaming Software.

It's available from September for a suggested retail price of US$79.99, and is complimented by the simultaneous release of a G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad that's optimized for high DPI game play, and the G240 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad for low DPI gaming.

Have a look at the short video below for a recap of the main features.

Product page: G602

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The not so obvious advantages of miniaturization and optimized ASIC design for lower power processing. People focus on phablets too much.

Would prefer if we move away from AA and AAA batteries altogether though. Case in point the Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810 has a standard micro USB out the back for recharging. If the mouse only needs two AA then imagine how much you can get out of a small 1000mah LiPo



That's the next model up, the G700 except I think it uses NiMH not a lithium based battery

Bryant Drake

hrm... still think i'll stick with my R.A.T. 5 :)

Sam Gibbons
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