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Loftbox 101 provides office privacy... in a box


May 11, 2010

Loftbox 101 provides office privacy... in a box

Loftbox 101 provides office privacy... in a box

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Nowadays any hip office worth its salt will eschew the traditional partitions or cubicles in favor of open plan office setups – preferably in a converted warehouse or loft. That’s great for encouraging communication (work-related of course) between employees, but what about when some privacy is required, whether it be for a meeting or just to avoid that annoying guy from accounting? Enter the Loftbox 101, a mobile rectangular box from Atelier Graff that unfolds to form a table with high backed facing chairs for private conversations.

Made of 20 glass reinforced plastic components glued to a metal frame the Loftbox 101 sits atop sixteen rollers that allow it to be easily moved around. The rollers have a soft tread for hard floors with the option of hard treads for soft floors. The seats are comprised of polyurethane foam and polyester wadding under a leather cover, while the floor of the unit is made of sandwich panels with a textile cover.

Loftbox 101 provides office privacy... in a box

In one of the two fold out elements to the side of the seats is a TFT ActiveMatrix monitor for visual presentations (or for catching up on the soaps at work), with a cable connection in the table making it easy to hook up a laptop to the monitor.

Closed the unit measures 250 cm x 200 cm and folds out to a size of 270 cm x 288.4 cm, with the seat backs reaching a height of 142.4 cm. The Loftbox 101 also comes in a variety of color combinations.

Contact Atelier Graff for pricing and availability.

Via Born Rich.

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