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January 20, 2013

Loading... is a concept design from Tokyo Flash which mimics the look of a progress bar

Loading... is a concept design from Tokyo Flash which mimics the look of a progress bar

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Loading screens are never a welcome sight, whether they're interrupting a video game or informing you just how long you have to wait for a new program to download and install. Imagine having one permanently displayed on your wrist; one that never actually reached 100 percent. You could do, if this particular Tokyo Flash concept design gets turned into a real wristwatch.

"Loading..." was submitted to timepiece design studio Tokyo Flash by "Max from the U.S.A." He designed it with gamers in mind, with the display being reminiscent of a loading screen, something all fans of video games will recognize. It also looks like a progress bar for computer software, which anyone who has ever installed a program will be familiar with ... and likely sick of.

The watch features an over-sized display perfect for either back-lit e-paper or LCD, and a somewhat traditional metal strap. The styling would particularly suit retro gamers.

To tell the time you simply chart the progress by the incremental bars. The top bar is split into 12 sections to represent the hours, with the percentage marker showing 0% to 50% to represent AM, 50% to 100% to represent PM. The minutes are shown on the right-hand side of this, with a simple 01/60 system, and the seconds will scroll through from 0-60 in the bottom bar. Several people have suggested in the comments that the top bar should be adapted so that it shows 24 rather than 12 increments. The AM/PM indicator would then be unnecessary.

Loading... is at present just a concept design, but Tokyo Flash often turns these submissions into actual products. This is one I would personally consider buying, as it still does its job well while being a guaranteed conversation starter.

Source: Tokyo Flash

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Tokyo Flash has wack fun designs, I know I have two of them, had 3 had to send one back, could never tell what time it was, great fast shipping, five bucks 4 to five day shipping to your mail box, great return policy from personal experience, for the watch thingy now I use my iphone thingy bobber mostly unless I want to use my watch that only has blue or green leds in a column on a Retsu

Bill Bennett
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