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L.L. Bean celebrates 100 years with world's longest modular kayak


June 8, 2012

500 feet (152 meters) and 101 segments of kayak

500 feet (152 meters) and 101 segments of kayak

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After touring the United States in a bespoke boot-mobile earlier this year, L.L. Bean has turned its attention to the water in its continuing centenary celebration. The 100-year-old outfitter has built what it believes to be the world's largest modular kayak.

The bespoke vessel is a 500-foot-long (152 m) version of Point65's collapsible kayak. In its production form the Point65 Tequila! modular kayak breaks down into three segments, allowing for easier transport. In order to build it out to L.L. Bean's 500-foot specification, Point65 adds 98 additional middle sections - because you really wouldn't want to put a boat that size on your roof rack or trailer.

L.L. Bean plans to submit the massive vessel to the Guinness Book of World Records in the coming weeks, attempting to earn the official title for world's longest modular kayak. That title doesn't currently exist, so L.L. Bean is hoping Guiness will like it enough to create it. The outfitter brought the unique boat to its 31st Annual Paddlesports Weekend in Freeport, Maine last weekend, where dozens of employees loaded in and put it to use - we'll assume they didn't hit any rapids or try an Eskimo roll.

Earlier this year, L.L. Bean revealed its "Bootmobile," a 13-foot-high (4 m), 20-foot-long (6 m) motorized replica of the company's first product - the Maine Hunting Boot. The Bootmobile has been traveling the country in support of L.L. Bean's "Million Moment Mission," which aims to get people outdoors while raising money for the National Park Foundation.

You can follow L.L. Bean's ongoing 100th anniversary exploits at the dedicated website 100.llbean.com.

Source: L.L. Bean

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It would have been nice to see a picture of individual modules being connected to other modules.


The linked article has a picture like that (for the 3 piece model).

Joe F
They actually could create the longest boat the world has ever seen with this modular approach. A 1500 foot long Kayak would be a hoot. Jim Sadler
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