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LivingHomes unveils newly-updated C6 series of sustainable prefab homes


July 31, 2013

The newly-updated C6 range was unveiled at this year's Dwell on Design event (Photo: LivingHomes)

The newly-updated C6 range was unveiled at this year's Dwell on Design event (Photo: LivingHomes)

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At this year's recent Dwell on Design event, LivingHomes unveiled its newly updated C6 series of prefabricated sustainable dwellings. Each of the three homes that comprise the C6 series are capable of achieving LEED Platinum certification, and can be outfitted with various optional extras to suit budget and needs.

The largest C6.1 home looks to be the company's main draw and is based on a U shape, measuring 1,288 sq ft (120 sq m). The house features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, living area, kitchen, courtyard, a laundry room, and an open-plan layout.

In addition, the C6.1 features fiber cement exterior cladding, efficient low-e (or low-emissivity) solar heat gain-reducing windows, cork flooring, and various energy-efficient appliances, including a low-energy washing machine and low-flow water fixtures.

A Nest thermostat is also included, as is an EnviR environmental monitoring system, the latter providing real-time feedback on the home's energy usage. Optional extras include solar power, and LivingHomes CEO Steve Glenn told us that most of the company's homes have gone on to become Zero Energy.

The smallest and cheapest C6.3 unit fetches US$139,000, while the larger C6.1 model commands $179,000 – though this doesn't include transport and assembly.

A portion of the proceeds from each sale goes toward the Make It Right charity. For more information, visit the source link below.

Source: LivingHomes via Inhabitat

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I think this a really nice design. It seems rather affordable.


One or two floor plans would have been nice, without the cake is only half baked..

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