Lista Office wins Red Dot design Award for new office "pods"


July 27, 2012

The Lista Office Mindport LO Touch Down unit

The Lista Office Mindport LO Touch Down unit

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Lista Office has been awarded a prestigious Red Dot design award for its Mindport interior furnishing system. Designed to counteract the tedium and tyranny of the typical open-plan office cubicle system these colorful "pods" come in a range of designs for different office functions - providing an antidote to the massed ranks of identical work-stations. Lista Office also picked up an award for its “LO One” cabinet system.

The Mindport system consists of six units at the moment: LO Touch Down is a triangular unit enclosing three individual workstations; LO Work Lounge is in the style of restaurant banquette seating for group discussions or even having lunch; LO Think Tank is an enclosed cube for private discussions or client meetings; LO Meeting Point is a cube with fast-food style high tables and backrests for informal meeting and coffee breaks; LO Document Centre is an open cubicle for print and copy stations; and LO Team Butler is basically a coat rack.

One can imagine being able to build a flexible and fun office environment using these basic building blocks. To quote Lista Office: “The independent furnishing system offers different workspaces for meetings and communication, areas of focus, for the individual or groups, concentration and expansion. According to the research project ‘Human Building’, 70 percent of employees feel disturbed in the work environment and 78 percent believe the offered space is inadequate for optimal work.”

The LO One cabinet system, which was also awarded, consists of a range of clean-lined storage units with tambour-style doors (tambour doors roll around the side or top of a cabinet). The doors can be digitally printed allowing for individual decorative schemes.

Started by Dr. Peter Zec in the 1950s, the Red Dot awards have grown into an international design institution, with rolling exhibitions in Essen, Germany and Singapore. Over 14,000 designed items are entered for judging every year.

Source: Lista Office

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The furniture is nice, but all the pods look like Tupperware refrigerator storage containers. Hope they are all bullet proof as anyone who has top work in one of those lifeless containers will soon go postal and start taking out co-workers.


Looks exactly like something from a Dilbert cartoon. Where's Bob the Dinosaur when you need him?


If I were expected to perch on those uncomfortable looking seats, unable to straighten my legs and having two coworkers looking right in my face for 8 hours a day, I think I'd take a long leap out the top story window. Why is even the smallest bit of privacy not taken into consideration by designers and the office planners? Is human dignity that expensive?

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