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LiddUp Cooler employs LEDs to make cool parties even cooler


April 9, 2013

LiddUp Cooler is claimed to be the first cooler to offer integrated LED lighting

LiddUp Cooler is claimed to be the first cooler to offer integrated LED lighting

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Picture the scene: a suitably awesome party is underway, and you go to grab a beer from a dark cooler, only to be met with several seconds of rummaging in cold ice. LiddUp Cooler offers to solve this admittedly minor problem by providing an LED-lit cooler ready for the next soirée.

LiddUp Cooler creators Jayson Sandberg and Taylor Gwiazdon ran through over 200 prototypes (and, presumably, a lot of beer), in the creation of a cooler design that can provide over 40 hours of continuous light – or up to two years of normal usage – from one removable 9-volt battery.

The lights work automatically, just like a refrigerator, and are waterproof and shockproof to an impressive degree. Durability tests included pummeling the LiddUp Cooler with bats, and throwing it out of a truck traveling at a speed of 80 mph (128 km/h). It's perhaps this durability and sheer simplicity of use which sets LiddUp Cooler apart from existing retrofit options like Coleman's Auto-On LED Cooler Light.

Besides partying, the LiddUp team also cites a potential humanitarian use for the cooler, and reckons the robust LED-lit container could be of use to relief agencies like FEMA and the Red Cross while they operate off-grid.

LiddUp Cooler is the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, with a minimum pledge of US$79 required to snag an early production run of the 50-quart (47 liter) cooler. This early production model will also feature handle, wheels and cup holders.

The video below features the Kickstarter pitch.

Source: LiddUp via Kickstarter

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Anybody else get the feeling they are bringing the disaster relief thing in just to garner sympathy? What the hell does it have to do with a cooler?

Jay Lloyd

US$79 is too expensive!


Pity the only drinks likely to go in the things are generic fizzy sugar and water alcopops. So no I don't think it would make your party really sophisticated man. They look nice and futuristic and all but you're still drinking corporate profit making slurry.


Throw in a glow stick from the dollar store, & spend the $78 bucks on booze.

Bob Flint

Not a whole lot. Just the fashionable trend to seem like you're doing something for a cause, especially on Kickstarter.

Joe F

They were on Shark tank last week! And got a deal to

Victoria Bakker
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