LG's 3D smart TVs to include even more popular gaming apps


December 31, 2012

LG Electronics has announced a new crop of gaming apps for its CINEMA 3D Smart TV

LG Electronics has announced a new crop of gaming apps for its CINEMA 3D Smart TV

Families will have even more games to play on their LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV, which LG will be demonstrating at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2013). The new additions follow the company's launch of gaming apps in July. Some of the games will take advantage of its 3D capabilities with a Dual Play feature that gives two players their own full-screen view of the action, unlike traditional split-screen modes. The games are played with the company's new motion-sensing Magic Remote.

The company will showcase titles led by Disney's Where's My Water, which became the number one downloaded game app on the app store in 90 countries. Players who enjoy The Sims FreePlay will use the television's remote or they can download a smartphone app that acts like a custom controller. Other games will include Mini Motor Racing, Air Penguin, and more that are already popular on smartphones and are geared towards family fun.

It's entirely conceivable that, in a few years' time, televisions will come with chips that rival those in HD game consoles, which will no doubt spell big trouble for the big three. While Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft will no doubt continue to curry favor with the most enthusiastic segment of their customer base, ambitious start-ups like the Android-based Ouya console would be made virtually redundant.

However, it seems likely that until Apple makes its bid for the living room in earnest, we'll have to wait and see how disruptive apps will be to the traditional gaming industry.

Source: LG

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Not impressed. "Where's my Water" can't possibly look better in HD - so what's the point? For those apps that could probably run on the kind of hardware that fits in a TV and actually take advantage of it, I don't see LG sponsoring games like "Horn" and adding apps to their own proprietary system is a clear step away from an android controlled system.

What we really need to start looking at are modularized systems. I don't need to be able to play "where's my perry" on my refrigerator, but it would sure be nice if my refrigerator could update my calender or if a chemical sensor could send an alert to my cellphone ('milk is stale' or some such). More to the point, I want a small computer with blocks that I can attach so that I can get any top of the line thermostat and have it connect to the same device that my TV connects to that my cell phone connects to when I'm home etc.

Charles Bosse
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