LG unveils new slimline LCD and LED HDTVs


July 31, 2009

LG's SL80 series LCD HDTV

LG's SL80 series LCD HDTV

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LG has unveiled its newest LCD and LED HDTVs at its annual Summer Line Show in New York. It sounds more like a fashion show than a platform for launching consumer electronics, but given that the new TVs’ main selling points are more in the looks rather than the specs department, perhaps it is. Both the SL80 (LCD) and SL90 (LED) series comprise FullHD 1080p resolution units featuring a single edge-to-edge panel of glass over a slim bezel, which incorporates an Invisible Speaker design to give the units a clean seamless look.

The SL80 range sticks to the increasingly dated CCFL backlighting, but includes TruMotion 240Hz processing to improve motion picture response time and a dynamic contrast ratio of 150,000:1. It meets the newest Energy Start 3.0 ratings and comes with a mechanical on/off switch if you want to eliminate standby power consumption. The SL80 series measures under 1.8-inches thick and includes Intelligent Sensor, which senses the ambient light in the room and adjusts color and brightness accordingly.

The SL90 line employs the more up to date LED backlighting, which allows for the slimmer 1.15-inch thickness and a superior contrast ratio. LG doesn’t want people to forget how superior the contrast of LED TVs is so they’ve kindly added a “Mega” to the mix to arrive at a "3,000,000: LED Mega Contrast Ratio." The SL90 line also features TruMotion, but of the 120Hz variety.

The SL80 series will be available from August in 42-, 47-, and 55-inch screen sizes priced at USD$1,599, $1,899 and $2,799 respectively. LG will release the SL90 series later in the year in 42- and 47-inch screen sizes, at prices yet to be announced.

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