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LG shows off new version of its PenTouch TV


January 9, 2013

Drawing on the LG PenTouch TV

Drawing on the LG PenTouch TV

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Tucked away on the outside of LG's CES booth is the company's newest version of its interactive PenTouch plasma TV. The new version comes with some slick improvements that make it much more practical for actual use than the previous version of the device. The new model, called the 60PH6700-UB, comes with a 60-inch screen, and should see some interesting uses in various business and home settings.

As with the previous model, one of the new PenTouch's most distinctive features is the fact that you can draw on its screen using a stylus (or "pen"), like you would with a tablet. The biggest change to the TV is that it no longer requires a connection to a computer for the wireless pen to be able to interact with the screen. With the Smart TV technology LG has been pushing this year, the TV is able operate independently, which makes it much more usable in real-life scenarios, such as functioning as a giant interactive whiteboard.

The TV comes with a basic drawing application that can be used for almost anything. In addition, it can also be used with presentations and spreadsheets, which could be very practical for business users. It also comes with wireless printing, so you can print your masterpieces.

Details are sparse in terms of release date and pricing. The company hopes to have the TV hit the market during the second quarter of this year, but the representative wouldn't provide more information.

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