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LG breaks out world's largest UHD OLED TV


September 7, 2013

The World's Largest Ultra HD Curved OLED TV from LG

The World's Largest Ultra HD Curved OLED TV from LG

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Making it's debut at IFA 2013, LG's 77-inch TV is claimed to be the world's largest Ultra High Definition OLED TV. The massive panel with its IMAX-like curvature packs in around four times the resolution of a Full HD TV and delivers stunning picture quality.

We've seen plenty of curved TV's of late, but LG's Goliath really hits the spot with it's combination of Ultra HD and WRGB OLED technologies over 77 diagonal inches. It's the firm's most advanced model to date and, according to LG, promises unmatched picture quality from a curved screen that "fills the viewer’s field of vision more completely than a flat-screen TV."

“LG was proud to be the first company to commercially launch an OLED TV and we are once again setting our sights high with the Ultra HD Curved OLED TV,” said Havis Kwon, president and CEO of LG Home Entertainment Company. “This 77-inch TV is proof that we will never stop pushing the boundaries and exploring new possibilities.”

Unfortunately, the LG reps at the company's IFA booth were not able to divulge any juicy details about the prototype TV, other than to say that it could enter production next year. If that's the case, the odds are it will cost a lot more than LG’s 55-inch, 1080p curved OLED TV that launched earlier this year for $15,000.

Source: LG

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Ho hum. With no 4K to play on it. For that kind of money they should sell a few thousand world wide,at most. Guess the technology will trickle down to the masses in a few years.

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