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LG's KizON wearable helps parents keep tabs on the kids


July 9, 2014

LG's KizOn straps to a child’s wrist so that parents can know their location at all times

LG's KizOn straps to a child’s wrist so that parents can know their location at all times

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Children are wily creatures. They just love to run around with their friends, explore new places, and generally enjoy the freedom of just being a kid. Though this is part of the stress-free life of being a child, it is also often the source of anxiety for some parents who constantly worry about where their child is. In an attempt to relieve this anxiety, LG has created KizON, a wearable device that not only lets concerned parents know where their precious progeny are 24 hours a day, but also provides the ability to call them if necessary.

Packing Wi-Fi and GPS for location data and 2G/3G network compatibility, the KizON allows parents to keep tabs on and communicate with their children at all times. Using the "One Step Direct Call" button, children can also put out a call to a pre-configured number if they are in need of help or just want a ride home. This number can be changed at any time using a smartphone running Android 4.2 or higher.

The KizON can also be programmed to receive only calls from a range of safe pre-set numbers – say from grandma, Aunty Jane, or Dad – so that children won’t ever need to talk to strangers, even on the phone. And, for extra peace of mind for concerned parents, if a child doesn’t answer a call from any of the pre-configured numbers within ten seconds, KizON automatically connects the call to let parents listen in via the built-in microphone.

And if all of that wasn’t enough to make sure that a child feels lovingly smothered with precautionary technology kindness, the KizON also has a built-in location reminder that gives doting parents the abilty to pre-set the device to provide location alerts at specific times throughout the day.

"Children as well as the elderly are ideal customers for wearable technologies," said Dr. Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. "Wearables allow us to stay connected without the worry of losing a device or the inconvenience of having to carry a large item in a pocket. At LG, we're committed to exploring more ways to incorporate wearable devices into consumer’s lives in line with our vision to become a leader in wearables."

The band that holds the device securely to a child’s wrist is made from polythiourethane (PTU) and is claimed to be water and stain resistant. Set to be available in three colors, pink, blue, and green, KizON will also be made available with a range of optional accessories, including covers featuring popular animation characters.

Battery life is rated at 36 hours and, in the unlikely event that anyone purchasing such a device would forget to do so, the KizON will alert parents via their smartphones when the battery needs recharging.

KizON will be launched in South Korea on July 10, and in North America and Europe later this year. Price and wider availability details have yet to be announced.

Source: LG

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The watch needs to run length ways up the wearers arm, it's going to slip off the way they've attached the strap in the photo.


I would always be taking something that bulky off and the evil doers can't help but notice and remove them.


I sent this to a co-worker that has small children and his comment was that his kids would take it off within minutes of getting out of sight.

Need to have a way of either preventing it's removal, or sending an alert to the parents when/if it is removed. Would also then need a homing beacon so that parent could then find it again, wherever the child happened to remove and leave it.

Glen Jacobsen

Boiling the frog, first you get used to tracking your kids and then it's not so bad when the government is tracking you. But hey you all ready carry around such a tracking device it's even better with audio and visual capabilities your cellphone Surprise!

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