Watch out iRobot, LG is looking to totally clean up with the Hom-Bot Square


October 25, 2012

Instead of a disc-shaped design, LG's latest robotic vacuum cleaner has flat sides and corners

Instead of a disc-shaped design, LG's latest robotic vacuum cleaner has flat sides and corners

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Despite the fact that the majority of those reading this live in homes with cornered rooms, the most popular robot vacuum cleaners (including the latest Roomba models) have a distinctly circular shape. While early LG Hom-Bots also followed this trend, there's change in the air. The company debuted its new line of Square cleaners in Place Beaubourg, Paris earlier this week. They will first appear in France ahead of a global launch in 2013.

The flattened disc-shape of today's best-selling robotic vacuum cleaners may well give them the ability to creep under the lowest furniture in our living spaces with ease, but when it comes to corners, they're not so hot. LG aims to solve this shortfall by taking an angular approach to the problem and giving its latest robot cleaner flat sides and corners of its own.

The 340 x 340 x 89-mm (13.3 x 13.3 x 3.5-inch) Hom-Bot Square features dual camera visual mapping technology called Dual Eye 2.0, corner-detecting sensors, built-in ultrasonic and infrared sensors that allow for effective operative in unlit rooms, and gyroscopic sensor and anti-collision technology to help keep it on course with minimum fuss or interruption. There's a Turbo Mode for an extra performance boost, a Smart Mode which auto detects changes in floor types and alters the system accordingly, and seven zone programs.

The new Corner Master brushes are 1.5 cm (0.5 inch) longer than in the previous model, but the Hom-Bot Square is almost as quiet at just 60 dBA. It benefits from a long-lasting Li-pol battery (14.8V/1900 mAh) and automatically returns to its base for recharge or when the 0.6-liter easy-out dust bin with HEPA 11 filter needs some attention. Voice guidance and learning capabilities also feature.

The Hom-Bot Square is currently showing as in stock on the online store of French consumer electronics retailer Darty, for €599 (US$775).

Update: LG has just confirmed that Hom-Bot Square models will carry a suggested retail price of between €499 and €699 in France (the company's French blog states that four versions are being released), and that U.S. pricing has yet to be decided.

Product page: Hom-Bot Square

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Sounds awesome, but 95% of the awesomeness left once I read the $775 price tag! Ouch!

Derek Howe

Same thing happened to me Derek, awesome would be 300 coconuts, that price tag caused me pause

Bill Bennett

I agree for a $400US premium I'll use a broom on the corners. However has a vacuum that will clean corners reasonably well and uses a more efficient pattern than iRobot devices. It narrows the premium to $300US but that's still significant savings.


I have two iRobot vacuums cleaning my 8000 square foot home. Although these devices are $500+, they are worth every penny. We have four furry pets and a four year old roaming the house and these machines keep our hardwood floors cleaner than clean. We would need a maid coming in several times a week at $50+ each time to do the work these machines do.

Since we already have iRobot's, I am probably not a customer for the LG versions but once they wear out, I'll be looking at anything new and improved.


This is mainly marketing hype I'm sure. Don't think it much matters whether the body is round or square, so long as the brushs reach into the corners.

Terry Penrose

I don't know why LG robot vaccum is not available in Canada? Weird since you can buy Roomba or any other kind. Amazon us has it but don't shipped to canada. I own a roomba but would like to buy this LG one

Philippe Jacques
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