LG and Harman Kardon announce premium Bluetooth headset


May 19, 2014

LG and Harman Kardon have collaborated to create a new premium Bluetooth headset optimized for use with the LG G3

LG and Harman Kardon have collaborated to create a new premium Bluetooth headset optimized for use with the LG G3

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LG has announced a new premium Bluetooth headset optimized for use with its upcoming G3 smartphone. The LG Tone Infinim was developed in collaboration with audio equipment manufacturer Harman Kardon. It promises excellent sound quality and long standby time.

At 550 hours, LG says that the Tone Infinim offers the longest standby time of any "behind-the-neck" Bluetooth headset. In addition, it promises up to 17 hours of talk-time and 14 hours of potential listening time for music before needing to recharge its 220 mAh battery.

The device is designed to be comfortable to wear with retractable wires to minimize the chance of their becoming tangled. In addition, it features a jog button for fast forwarding and rewinding, as well as sound and vibration alert functions to make users aware of incoming messages, the current time and the headset's battery status.

The Tone Infinim is compatible with all Bluetooth smartphones and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. It is said to be optimized for use with LG's upcoming G3 smartphone, with certain features that work exclusively with the G3. For example, Name Alert announces the name or phone number of a caller, while Answer Me+ will automatically disconnect the Tone Infinim where the G3 is raised to the user's ear for direct use.

Harman Kardon positions itself as a manufacturer of premium audio equipment in terms of both design and sound quality. It views Tone Infinim as another example of this approach.

"Harman Kardon has a 60-year legacy of creating premium audio and ground-breaking sound technologies," said Michael Mauser, executive vice president and president of Harman’s Lifestyle Division. "When a product carries the Harman Kardon name, it is confirmation that the device will offer class-leading audio quality and outstanding design."

LG will announce product availability and pricing in the coming weeks.

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