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LG Blast Chiller means you never have to drink a warm beer again


January 9, 2012

LG's new refrigerator comes with a Blast Chiller that cools a can of beer or soda within minutes

LG's new refrigerator comes with a Blast Chiller that cools a can of beer or soda within minutes

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Few things can ruin a party like warm beer. You can pack ice around it all you want; you're still going to be waiting half an hour for it to get cold and you'll probably still crack it open too soon. Someone over at LG must have attended one too many get-togethers that turned out this way, because the company unveiled a new refrigerator at CES 2012 that comes with the handiest feature since the built-in ice maker: a Blast Chiller that can cool a can of beer or soda to ice cold in just a few minutes.

LG's new French-door fridge features 31 cubic feet (877 liters) of space for food storage, made possible with thinner insulation and an ice machine that mostly fits inside the door rather than extruding into the main storage area. The interior also features sensors that constantly monitor and adjust the temperature, humidity, and air circulation to keep food fresh for as long as possible.

Of course, the Blast Chiller is the real eye catcher of the whole thing, which is probably why it secured a "Best of Innovations" Award at CES 2012. The compartment cools at an accelerated rate and swirls the air inside to keep the temperature evenly distributed. A 12 oz. can of soda or beer can be chilled to ice cold in five minutes. In eight minutes, the same can happen with a bottle of wine or two soda cans.

Just take a moment now to remember every single house party, holiday, and poker night where something like this would have been worth it's weight in gold.

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Wow, this is the innovation of the decade!! I could do with this in my fridge. But why only 1 can of soda and not a six pack of beer, for when the friends come over?

To accomodate just 1 can of soda is for the single person who is not really going to entertain the buddies. All that innovation and just 1 can of soda.....? Hmmph.


Uh, if you have ice, you simply add water to create a slurry. I have chilled a beer in a lot less than 5 minutes using an ice/water slurry. Of course, as the price on a fridge like this proves, ignorance is really freaking expensive.

Stephen Dupree

Anyone who hasn\'t drunk room temp beer has never tasted real beer. The reason so many of the cheap beers get commercials suggesting it be deeply refrigerated is that the instant it hits the tongue, your taste buds get inactivated. Try some of those crap beers (pretty much all the US biggies included) at room temp and you\'ll spit it out. A good Brit or German ale can be had at room temperature with full flavour that actually ADDS pleasure to eating.


More ship to go wrong. I would be impressed with a flowing ice maker, I love the two I have ..best tasting ice !

Jay Finke

Now this is what the world needs, a faster beer cooler!!!

Bill Ratcliff

Not that I like my beer humid, but real beer (the kind your friend brings over in bottles with no labels) is generally best enjoyed only a little below room temperature, which the endothermic nature of CO2 coming out of solution will take care of on all but the warmest days. If you have lines from a keg, that\'s a different thing entirely (the mechanics are different, and you don\'t want the beer loosing it\'s CO2 in the line), but beer that needs chilled to nearly freezing to be palatable wasn\'t worth buying or drinking in the first place.

Soda is a different matter entirely, unless you just really wanted acidic sugar water. Still, the drawer would be more useful if it chilled 2L bottles.

Charles Bosse

re; Stephen M. Dupree

Add salt or ice-melt and it is even faster.


I have a refrigerator and now it get\'s stuff cold too?? Awesome....

Come on, I want something that I can stick somewhere that I don\'t have a refrigerator. In a desk drawer, perhaps?


I live in Utah and the only real beer that they sell here is at the state liquor store and it\'s warm. I\'d love a blast chiller like this, though I agree a standalone model would be even better. I usually put it in the freezer or outside in the winter, but those methods tend to be slow. A blast chiller that could get the job done with zero effort looks great.

I understand some people enjoy lukewarm beer, but not for me. Cold or not drinking it.

Joe F

I\'d have to agree with Slowburn.

Mythbusters did an episode about this and found that salt mixed with ice and water to make a slurry chilled the cans of beer the fastest and most economical way possible. Plus, with an cooler, you can chill a six pack or a 12 pack for all of your friends in the same time frame. You want to get the most surface area of the can within the ice/water mix as possible, so chipped ice should work better/faster.

Gene Jordan

Waste of space. Besides any serious beer drinker has a separate fridge with 2 to 3 cases of assorted beers inside, or a kegerator in the garage. Let\'s get real, how many times do you really think you would use something like this? I suspect it follow the plastic reusable ice cube into obscurity.


There are countertop fast coolers that spin the can or bottle while pumping ice water over it. Haven\'t seen one that will handle a 2L bottle or Shasta\'s 3L bottles.

Still doesn\'t get a can as cold as a full several hour chill in the fridge does.

Easier to just put it in the freezer for about 2 hours and don\'t forget to remove it. Your liquids will also chill faster if you periodically wiggle the cans or bottles to move the contents so the colder outside mixes with the warmer core.

Gregg Eshelman

This won\'t sell more beer and it won\'t sell more refrigerators. Serious beer drinkers don\'t need this. Yuppies may think they need this, but they don\'t drink beer.

As mentioned by others, above, if it chilled a six-pack (or better, a 12-pack) it might actually have some functional value and sell more refrigerators.

William Lanteigne

One can\'t help but wondering what the «thinner insulation» that renders this epoch-making advance in cooling a tin containing a half-litre of liquid means for the thermal efficiency and power use of this «award-winning» refrigerator. If this is the sort of thing that receives a «Best of Innovations» award at CES, perhaps it is time to question (as many IT corporations have already done) the utility of this show....



Blast Chiller won\'t cause me to go out and buy a new refrigerator but it may cause me to buy LG when it is time for me to get a new one. It may cause me to buy sooner than later.

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