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LG shows off 84-inch 4K 3D Smart TV


January 7, 2013

LG's 84LM960 4K 3D TV

LG's 84LM960 4K 3D TV

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LG has shown its 84-inch 4K 3D 84LM960 television in Las Vegas on the eve of CES 2013. This is LG's first 84-inch Ultra HD TV, and based on these glimpses of it from the floor, it certainly looks like the company got it right on the first try.

Unfortunately, there isn't a slew of content available in 3840 X 2160p resolution, so LG was only showing a small loop with some brief segments of landscapes and the like. A small part of it was 3D, and that part looked quite good at such a high resolution. Even with just short shots of moving images, the picture quality was impressive, and definitely made everyone stand up and take notice. The 10,000,000:1 contrast ratio certainly didn't hurt the picture quality, either.

Speaking of 3D, this TV will come with six pairs of glasses included in the box. The glasses were lightweight, and looked similar to the type given out at a movie theater. It also has 3D depth control, which allows the end-user to take control over just how 3D the picture actually is and improve the viewing angle. The TV will also offer 2D to 3D conversion, which should prove to be rather interesting.

The Smart TV comes with a dual-core processor and access to over 1,400 applications. It also features LG's new Magic Remote, which allows users to input commands through gestures and voice commands.

Source: LG

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