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Lexus reveals its NXB Concept mountain bike


November 25, 2013

Toro! The Lexus NXB Concept mountain bike, at the Tokyo Motor Show

Toro! The Lexus NXB Concept mountain bike, at the Tokyo Motor Show

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While Lexus may be best-known for its luxury automobiles, in recent years it's been dabbling in another type of vehicle – the bicycle. As a result, it's now possible to buy a US$10,000 Lexus F Sport road bike, while a pedal-electric commuter may or may not be on its way to production. At this year's Tokyo Motor Show, however, a new Lexus bike was unveiled ... the NXB Concept mountain bike.

Like the limited-production F Sport, the one-off NXB's carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) frame was built using one of Lexus' LFA Works three-dimensional braiders. That machine is one of just two of its kind anywhere in the world, and was formerly used to create the Lexus LFA supercar. With production of the LFA having ended last year, the braider is currently only being used for bicycle production.

Along with its high-pedigree frame, the NXB (which stands for "Neo Extreme Bike") has some other notable features.

Its lethal-looking triathlon-bike-like handlebar extensions, for instance, are pretty hard to miss – or perhaps even to be missed by, should you get run into by the bike. Although it's hard to tell, it looks like they pivot at the base, allowing riders to push them outwards to activate the associated brake levers. Given how often mountain bikes crash or have to wind their way through closely-spaced trees, however, those extensions might be more trouble than they're worth.

The bike also features XeNTiS Kappa2 CC carbon fiber aero wheels, custom-made to Lexus' specs. Another custom feature is the tread pattern on the IRC tubeless tires, made to resemble the distinctive "spindle grille" on the front of higher-end Lexus automobiles. Additionally, two separate hand grips take the place of one continuous handlebar.

Rounding out the specs list are an inverted KYB suspension fork, Magura hydraulic disc brakes, a 1 x 11 SRAM XX1 drivetrain, and what appear to be Look clipless pedals. There's no word on weight.

The NXB is currently on display with the LF-NX crossover concept vehicle, and is intended to help exemplify the design spirit of that car ... so no, don't go expecting to see it in a bike store anytime soon.

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Probably as overpriced as the car! Still, they have got to pay for that fancy braiding machine thingy now the car is out of production. Can't see those stupid, dangerous bits sticking out the front making it to production, thank the Lord! The rest of it almost looks practical enough to ride for once.

The Skud

Stop! Stop now! This is the bike the 12 year old me would have designed. Nothing about that bike makes sense. What the funk kind of bike is it designed to be? The forks alone suggest downhill mountain bike, but the triathlon style bars suggest road bike. It looks like it was designed by someone who knew nothing about bicycles, flicked through a part catalogue and picked out all the most expensive looking bits... which is kind of the average SUV buyer.

Ben Talbot

Hooray! Now people can act like they're better than me in the bike-lane too!

Phillip Foshée
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