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Lenovo ThinkPad gets anti-theft Remote Disable feature


November 27, 2008

November 28, 2008 Lenovo is introducing a new security feature for ThinkPad notebooks which allows users to remotely disable their PC via SMS. Developed in conjunction with Phoenix Technologies, the Constant Secure Remote Disable feature is effectively a kill switch that works by creating a mobile phone text command such as “lockdown now PC” or “PC shut off” and sending it to the computer's onboard broadband service. If the PC is turned off when the command is sent, it's automatically disabled the next time it registers on the network.

To confirm that the would-be data thieves have been foiled, a return text message is sent to validate that the shut-off feature has been engaged and to reactivate the notebook, the user simply enters their pre-set passcode.

Lenovo’s Remote Disable feature works on GSM mobile systems and will be available on select ThinkPad notebooks equipped with mobile broadband from Q1 2009.

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