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Lehmann Aviation extends micro UAV line with two new models


August 6, 2013

The tablet-programmed LA300, being hand-launched

The tablet-programmed LA300, being hand-launched

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Last November, we heard about Lehmann Aviation’s LA100, a small and fully autonomous UAV designed to capture aerial images with a user-supplied GoPro camera. Now the French company is offering two new models that go farther and stay in the air longer. As with the LA100, both of the new models are designed for use by people with little or no remote piloting experience.

Instead of having to manually control the UAVs in real time, the user preprograms a flight path that the aircraft subsequently follows on its own. The flight path is entered by finger-drawing the desired route on a map of the area displayed on any Windows 8 tablet running an accompanying app. Those coordinates (along with waypoints entered by the user) are subsequently transmitted to the UAV via Wi-Fi.

The user then hand-launches the plane into the air, after which it will proceed to automatically following the given flight path, taking stills or video along the way, before landing back on the ground at a user-chosen location.

Lehmann Aviation’s LA200 UAV

Similar to the LA100, both of the new models have an airspeed of 20-80 km/h (12-50 mph), can withstand wind gusts of up to 35 km/h (22 mph), and are capable of operating in temperatures ranging from -25°C to 60°C (-13°F to 140°F).

The main thing that makes them different is their range. While the LA100 can travel up to half a kilometer (1,640 ft) and stay aloft for a maximum of five minutes, the LA200 can manage 3 km (2 miles) and 30 minutes, while the LA300 boosts a flight range of up to 15 km (9 miles). Additionally, while the LA100 and LA200 are designed to accommodate a GoPro, the LA300 is made for use with the Nokia Lumia 1020 and its 41-megapixel camera.

Both of the new UAVs should be available by the end of September. The LA200 is priced at €2,490 (about US$3,300), with the LA300 coming in at €4,990 (US$6,640) – cameras and tablets not included.

Source: Lehmann Aviation

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What kind of propulsion system is used? or is it just a glider that makes use of gravity and wind to provide lift? I just can't see any engines on this.. so I wonder how it can achieve a 30 minute flight time..

Luke Parsons

I see an engine with propeller at the aft of the aircraft, in the first picture..


Luke Parsons.... If you have a look at the pictures it appears that the propulsion comes from the prop mounted to the back of the UAV. Just a thought


If you look carefully in the second photo you can see part of the prop between the wing and payload pod slanting to the left.


I build and fly epp wings. I have to think you must know something about rc aircraft. What happens if you strip a servo? If a winglet falls off (mine wings fly great without winglets)? What if you ding that nose a bit? How about trimming in flight (computer I suppose does it for you)? The prop is going to loosen up sometime. Internal control arms - broken horn. Elevon hinge comes loose. Who services this thing because it will need servicing. Lipos are pretty good but can be fickle too. Sure this thing will land itself but if on hard ground, gravel or uneven surface it will get beat up (mine are even though I don't have kevlar and carbon fiber wings) the components inside are going to get shaken up after awhile - something is going to break.


Y'all are kidding, right? Either that and so damned old you can't see. Every model maker on Earth is workiing on the next quantum leap in spying on there neighbors. And there neighbors, and there neighbors forever!!! I know not how, but it must stop. STOP! Run the tape.



mmm... a zagi with extended range for more than $ 5000 ?? whats the profit like % 8000, what a fun business to be in.


Of course you get the autonomous hardware/software as well. Still don't justify the price by far.

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