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Pop-out Outlet hides the holes when you don't need 'em


December 23, 2013

The Pop-Out Outlet in use

The Pop-Out Outlet in use

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You've probably never given much thought to your electrical outlets, but apparently the folks at Legrand think that those always-exposed holes are kinda ugly. That's why they created the chic-looking and actually kind of practical Pop-Out Outlet.

When not in use, the Pop-Out Outlet (let's just call it the POO) simply takes the form of a uniform square that sits flush with the wall. Press on it with a finger, though, and its cube-shaped body slides out to reveal plug-ins on three of its sides – as opposed to the two plug-ins that would be offered ordinarily.

The POO can apparently be user-installed in place of a traditional outlet, although a Legrand rep tells us that there can be issues with the existing wall box not being deep enough to hold all of its hardware – it requires at least 22 cubic inches (361 cc). To that end, it's intended more for rebuilds, or as a standard feature in newly-built homes.

It's available now, for CAD$56 (about US$52). You can see it in use in the video below.

Source: Legrand via This is Why I'm Broke

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Obviously for people without young, toy wielding children. As a constant, in-use plug, children would destroy this on day two at the latest.

Robert Walther

Half the plugs I own have the cord on the end with a single insertion bar, not the end with two, so with this socket the wall would block them.

Pity: neat invention, if they had turned the holes through 90°.


@Robert Walther,

It might actually be a blessing for people with small children, if they could add some kind of locking mechanism to it. That would make it difficult for kids to pop it out and they wouldn't be able to stick items into the holes and injure themselves.

This could also keep a bulky AC adapter from blocking the adjacent outlet. Better yet, reserve one side for four 12V USB power ports.


At first, I thought it kind of dumb, but then I recalled how all of my kitchen counter appliance cords stick out towards the cooking area and it might be nice to plug them in along the same plane as the wall. Of course, that reminds me that I already own that adapter, and I've just never though to use it in the kitchen.


Electrical outlets, especially in US type 'cardboard' houses, are massive energy drains. Look at an infrared photo of a wall and you'll notice the deep red areas indicating heat loss around the outlets. One of the cheapest and most effective things to improve insulation is to "plug" those leaks using expanding insulation foam - and then install these pop-out outlets.

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