Wrenches with embedded LEDs make light of dimly lit fixit jobs


September 26, 2011

LEDs embedded in the heads of the wrenches to shed a little light on those hard to reach, dimly lit jobs

LEDs embedded in the heads of the wrenches to shed a little light on those hard to reach, dimly lit jobs

Homer Simpson's advice when his brother Herb shows him the baby translator he has invented is that Herb "should have just taken an existing product and put a clock in it or something." These days the "or something" could easily be a light or, more specifically, an LED as their tiny size, low cost and low power needs has seen them wedged inside a plethora of devices ... and not because it necessarily provides any real benefit. However, in the world of LED-embedded devices, this wrench set is far from the worst idea we've seen and could actually come in very handy.

I'm the first to admit that I'm not exactly someone who'd qualify as a Mr. Fixit. But even my limited experience under car bonnets, sinks and around the back of partially assembled furniture has highlighted the importance of a little light and the sometimes-difficult task of providing it in cramped spaces when a free hand to hold a torch isn't always available.

Like LED-equipped power-drills (which are definitely useful) this wrench set solves this problem with each wrench packing a rechargeable battery providing up to five hours of power to an LED built into the cradle of each wrench head. Sure, this means that once you guide the wrench to its intended nut, the light will be blocked, but it's the guiding and not the turning that is generally the problem in such situations.

The LEDs can be switched to high or low beam and there's also a flash setting for attracting attention in case of emergency or giving your workshop that nightclub feel. The set includes seven double-sided wrenches from 3/8-in (10 mm) to 3/4-in (20 mm), that are made from chrome-plated, drop-forged steel. The recharging dock stands upright or can be hung on a wall.

The rechargeable illuminating wrench set is available for US$99.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer. We can't comment on the quality of the wrenches themselves and if you've already got an LED-free wrench set, it might be an idea just to invest in a head mounted torch to solve any light deficiency problems in the workshop.

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Next thing will be to build a piezoelectric generator into the body so that the more you use the wrench the more charge the battery gets. That will be an incentive to actually USE the tools, rather than just leave them hanging on the wall. ;-)


A very useful invention! :)

Ivan Krajc

Thanks..... But I think I will stick to holding a small LED torch in my mouth and let the wrench do its job.....

Maikel Das

Very common sense idea but at 99 dollars what if your light bulb shoudl break.Tools often get knocked around and falls may damage the light witch does not look like it can come out of the spanner.If it does then good one


Kind of useful - bordering on obscenely stupid.

Mr Stiffy

I work with my hands, and my tools daily, These wrenches would annoy the heck out of me. the handles will not fit your hand with the smooth slide that allows the wrench to slide into position, when using two wrenches the lights would be distracting, and these will not take the kind of force I put my tools to, the center of the wrench would not take a cheater bar, and the center mass would restrict the amount of rotation arc. On par with the Stanley battery operated measuring tape, kinda cool, but practically useless.


spot on Maikel, same for me, and if I needed more light I would whip out my 700 lumen LED converted rechargeable maglite (formally 160 lumen) these are for novices, the weekend driveway guy, the guy who puts his car on wood blocks to put brake pads on from the part store,( the one you hope to not hear about a car falling on ) not professionals, they would be broken in days in professional use

Bill Bennett

Excellent invention. I like it. Quite useful and will be popular.

Anumakonda Jagadeesh
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